The purpose of tears

It’s amazing how we think we can build a house on a mountain. That we can create change just by being actively involved in a cause. That we believe our voice is stronger than the ones in the back.


The reality of what might be pushing us back is that we are reluctant, but claim to be unafraid. We are resilient, but also willfully scared of change. It’s the backbone of an inspiring story that might have already been written or is just waiting to be written. It’s the gaps in silences pushing you away from something you might want but don’t fully know why.

You don’t have to feel as though you need to do it all in a day. Whatever it is will happen irrespective of how you feel about the outcome. Good or bad, better or worse. The fight you have left in you will start to wear you down and make you possibly regret what you decided to fight in the first place. Make you wonder why you chose the path of least resistance. Is less resistance something you want or need? Is it something you want to work towards? Aim higher. Aim to give yourself more than what you think you can actually achieve. What you don’t achieve this year will happen the next year. Carry on, but set your aim higher.

So keep your chin up. Mine is all the way up now that I’ve reached the end of writing this (who can say how long it will keep up though). Keep fighting the internal battle with your words, with your head and your mind to quit or keep going. You know what is right, so keep at it. Keep at it, keep doing what you’re doing.

Love yourself.

Do nothing or do something

There are some things happening. Things in which I hoped would happen and now that they have, I am thinking what it would be like to be different. To be someone that lives outside of my own skin.

Not to say that I want to go through one of those out-of-body experience things but I certainly am wondering if I have what it takes. Do I have thick enough skin to take the critics, the haters and the non-believers? Am I able to endure the wrestling in my brain from people that remind me of what I can be or should be? Do I need to be stronger than what I think I am currently? Probably, but I’m not the kind of person to rethink things like this because the goal from the start should be happy with what I have. And what I am working with looks good right now.

But, if given the chance what could I be? Who could I be? I could look at myself from above a mountain, while the the clouds are within reach. While, I wonder what it would be like to float through air I actually do it. I don’t plunge down anywhere though, I land softly and close my eyes and whisper how sweet it is to be a person with dreams. To be able to live out those dreams and not be tied down because of lack of opportunity or goals. To be scared of reaching out and lose focus of what I’m trying to do. Which is what exactly? To be me. Simply me.

To be grateful is a wonderful thing. To remember why you’re grateful is even more wonderful. Be a better person and be a better version of what you want to be.

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Be thankful for the little things

There’s plenty to be thankful for. If you’re doing well, happy, and with a job then there’s reason enough to feel grateful. There are those that like to say that as a society we are not grateful enough, but I would argue that when we think about it we are.

You see, sometimes some of us want to do good and be better. We strive to go above and beyond expectations. Do we always get what we thought we would? No, but we push on. Or, try to anyway. Life isn’t really meant to get beat up over, it’s not a race to the finish line. It’s not a race to the promotion either. Think about it this way: Making goals is fine, as long as you remember that you are not in a race with anyone but yourself. Especially true if you live two separate lives and few know the real you (why is that? Afraid of opening up likely, but we all have boundaries we don’t want people to dare try crossing.) There seems to be a line between pleasing others just to make others happy and not yourself. We forget about ourselves though and do things anyway for the bigger goal.

There is always a bigger goal. Something we all want to achieve. But, as you read this wherever you are you are thinking about how to figure out your taxes, your bills, or possibly what you’re going to eat tonight or for others where you’re going to sleep. So do goals depend on what we have? They very much do.

It’s only human nature to be afraid, to want to try something new and push out what is different. But, thinking about what we do have can bring a smile or a tear to anyone’s face and remind them of what they can do in the present moment.

A thankless world is what we live in, but a grateful world is one that we can try harder to be a part of. If only we closed our eyes and dreamed about a world without or with the things that hold us close and give us life.



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When was the last time you said what you were grateful for?

No, this is not about religion, faith or spirituality. If you define this question on those terms, then you’re thinking is slightly on the negative side. Maybe its getting better, what do I know? No, I know. You can’t think about your next breath let alone next week. Your days and months need to planned out to the last detail. You know who you are.

Of course, I don’t know you. I know me. Since, I want to write a post but I also want to sleep let’s see if I can think of twenty things/people/ideas I am grateful for. I might make some up along the way that I never thought about but here we go.

1. My mom

2. Books

3. My sisters

4. My family

5. My parents

6. My fandoms

7. Books

8. Ability to write

9. The chance that I actually do love writing, like it’s my passion (unless we’re talking technical writing then you’re on your own there buddy.)

10. Pilates

11. Yoga

12. Journaling, goes along with writing but I love my journals

13. Music

14. Libraries, but only some librarians. (sidenote: I always wanted to work in a library. I would be cooler than the older–but nice!–ladies but alas nope).

15. The ability to go outside

16. The ability to feel the wind on my face and be able to get outside of a stuffy house or room

17. Nail art that I used to be more into, but still sorta am but then not really because that takes time ya know?

18. A roof over my head

19. A place to lay my head each night

20. This moment.

Alright, that wasn’t so hard. I got to 20 pretty quickly actually. Comment below what you’re grateful for.

Smile if you aren’t already, its good for your face to exercise.