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Thank you, President Obama

The year has just started and so has the start of a new U.S. presidency. It’s a person that evokes not the strongest source of pride in everyone’s hearts. When I say everyone, I mean Americans and those that value the American democratic system. But, I digress. Because this post is one I have been meaning to do for awhile but today feels like the right day.

Dear President Obama:

I’m so glad that you were able to be my president these last eight years. Glad doesn’t come close enough, what does is the fact that you were able to be the president that worked his very hardest to stand up for all minorities and age groups. That you went out to a mosque and spoke to a Muslim community, that reached to the larger U.S. Muslim population. You bridged a divide that we refused to acknowledge and encouraged acceptance, hope, and change. Things that we all thought we could do together.

You brought us together. You united communities. But, you didn’t fail to remind us that you’re still human and working hard to keep your emotions together.

You brought healthcare reform. And immigration. And climate change to the forefront. All things that I know need to continue to be at the head of the discussions for the foreseeable future. It’s true that some of your reforms and bills might get reversed, but I won’t forget about you working so hard on them. You and the team. And you and the public (not congress, of course). Because you stood up for the people who didn’t have a voice. And no, not everyone loved that but that never stopped you. You were steadfast and full of strength to move forward in your decisions, despite the rejections and oppositions from the other side.

I know that you’re not going anywhere either and that you will probably do your best to be at the forefront.

I don’t have anything else to say, just thank you. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


Thank you!



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Dream with your brain

I’ve been abuzz with so many things going on. Well mostly just one thing. That happened this weekend. A night that was planned for many months with the goal of creating understanding between two faiths. One of which is often pushed around in the media as something worse than what it is. The responses and feedback to the event remind me that people are both diverse in their views and that above all, people still hate change.


I, for one want to change a lot of things. I want to be more bold. To be able to speak without anything holding me back. But, still speak using my brain. I’m not that kind of person that dreams of traveling and doing all these new things without remembering reality exists. Forgetting to use your brain is the biggest problem that dreamers have.

The smallest problem is not opening up to others. Dreamers want to find something or someone that gives them a purpose. But, what is that purpose? What is that meaning that so many of them are searching for? No one really seems to know. Most just have a vague idea of what a positively attainable goal could look like. Like, moving to China for work. Or Paris. To do what they hope to be their dream job, but also know they could return as soon as a month later. Because what we already have, we love too much to let go. And what we don’t have, we can’t bear to try it because its not in our comfort zone.

So, if you’re reading this trying to figure out what to do with your life then stop thinking that way. Think about the people that know you best. Create a circle of people that can help you reach your goals. Maybe not your highest goals, but ones that will get you closer to it everyday. And above all (and this is one, I’m realizing as I write this, that matters even to me), don’t let people tell you to stop dreaming big.


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Changes you can make

There’ s a quote that goes like: “Be the change you want to see in the world.” It’s attributed to Gandhi, but no one really knows for sure. Anyway, the point being that changes don’t come on their own like a sudden thunderstorm or snowstorm in April. Like a lot things people say, you either have to really want something or not at all. You have to be willing to take that extra step when it comes to doing something amazing for yourself.

Like me. I’m going to take the next few minutes to write all the things I hope to do in the next five years (I actually kinda hate these types of things, but its a post so here we go).

  1. Teach English Abroad. I got into a program like a few weeks ago and this is in progress, but I don’t know if I want to go where I applied now. I need to figure out what I would enjoy and make a real list. It will be a thing.
  2. Get an apartment. Preferably a loft. I’m still looking for the right one, plus thinking of moving maybe so there’s so immediate rush on this.
  3. Read more than 5 books a month. I used to do this easily, more so in the summer. I have so much I want to read and whenever I go to a bookstore, my list only grows. Sigh.
  4. Write a book. Out there, but I can try.
  5. Buy more organic makeup.
  6. Meet someone amazing. A friend or more than a friend, can’t say.
  7. Write health news online or in a news outlet.
  8. Teach yoga or pilates. Possibly a real thing.
  9. Visit Montreal. Unleashing my inner French girl.
  10. Make a youtube channel. About life? About travel? I don’t know.

I think some of those things will happen in a few years, hopefully or sooner. I’m tired of making lists (no I’m not, I love it!).

I hope you’re having an awesome day and remembering to at least try something new today.

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Doing Something Different

Alright, well it is a new year so I guess that means changing things. In what way? Not really sure yet, but trying to get there slowly. Well, first off I have A LOT of books I want to read this year as well as movies I haven’t seen yet that I want to see. More than that, I plan to apply to different jobs once I get my resume and cover letter organized and critiqued a few times. It’s time to think about how I want to view myself in a few years or down the road.

A friend of mine got engaged last year and her wedding is in the Spring. It’s so crazy to think about, but it’s really happening. I’m thinking more school and more fun before I go there though. Also, today is National Hugging Day and supposedly we should all be happy. Not just today, but everyday. Hug someone. This is kind of crazy for me to be endorsing because as my family and friends would know, I am no fan of hugs. But, sometimes you just need a moment to grab a hold of a little love. It’s like assurance that it will all be ok, maybe not today or tomorrow but at least in that moment know that’s it’s ok to smile. Just a thought.

I mean to put posts out on Sunday’s. So, today feels like Sunday even though I know it’s Monday and it’s MLK day. Speaking of that, was Dr. Kings’s dream realized? Was it fulfilled in the way he thought it would be? I certainly think so. We take for granted the fact that we can go everywhere, there are no Jim Crow laws and no one is forced to do something they do not want to (well, ok this might be an exaggeration because kids have to go to school and such but you know what I mean). Yes, unfortunately in some places discrimination does exist. It can tear friendships, families, and communities apart. Society knows this, but still there are those who are stubborn in their beliefs. Still, we have come a long way. It would seem that people from all backgrounds respect the legacy of Dr. King and what he stood for. It was something that defined a generation and put an end to a tragic time in America’s history.

I want to keep to this, maybe I’ll post something tomorrow. The theme for this week is: Understanding why society changes the way it does in order to adapt to changing leaders. Or, whatever I decide to write about.