Check yourself before you wreck yourself (daily)

I’m checking my progress to see if I’m doing alright and what I’m finding is that I’m doing ok. Physically and mentally? Those are both different checks that I’m not doing regularly. I could definitely be doing a better job of making sure that I am doing well. I could give a list of reasons why I might not be doing these regular “checks” but its possible most days   I don’t know what to even check for.

Working abroad has its own set of issues to deal with. Since I work in a school, I need to be energized and motivated every single day. This is not always the case, especially on a Monday morning but I give it my very best. The reason why I think I could be doing more has to do with how I push myself now.  It’s like a new feeling that I strive for now, one that I previously did not subscribe to. What I do is rewarding work, for sure but it can sometimes leave me feeling pretty worn out. Alright, not sometimes. All the time.

A thing I used to do when I came back from my last job (with an hour and a half commute time) would be to press a cold, wet towel on my forehead and shoulders. Sometimes two different towels, usually with essential oils of some sort. For ten minutes or more. This was my release and doing it let me forget about those around me and the stresses that come with that for just a little moment. It’s something I need to get back into, but saying it is easier than doing the task. I can’t say I follow my plans for the day to the “t” but I know that the more I do in a day, the more I feel productive and accomplished. Doesn’t anyone want to just feel accomplished? I thought so. Don’t lie to yourself now, I know that you want to feel good about daily goals, too.

Maybe I’m still working on being present. Or trying to take more risks. But, I know that I don’t have to achieve quite everything that I think I do. Let’s keep it to five things aside from work and I’ve done so much productivity it blows my actual mind. Not the literal mind, like the real mind. The one that writes these absurd blog posts.

I’m going to stop before I make any less sense.

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The Need to Organize: 5 Awesome Planners

My last post was about how I’m staying organized and sane and all that. But, let’s be real in the process of writing that post I was distracted by some other awesome planners. I don’t always make posts like this, but then I thought this blog is a mesh of random things most days anyway. So this weekend, some things I love in list form. Today: Planners.

1. Passion Planner


Like I mentioned in the last posting, I love Passion Planner. I don’t have one, no. Do I want one. Oh, yes. I very much do want one and I would be willing to not buy makeup for awhile to save up (oh yeah).

2. Minimal Planner from Pocketo. Alright, I really love this type of binding. Sometimes spiral just comes apart, ya feel? Also, it is affordable! The only drawback is that I’m not really feeling the minimal look on the inside pages. I like lines! But love the binding. I just want to touch it!

3. 2016 Birch Flower from Rifle Paper Company. This is a covered spiral bound. What are the name of those notebooks with the band around it called? I have a few. Ugh, I’m drawing a blank and Google isn’t helping right now. Whatever, if you know what I mean then comment but I’ll probably remember and add it in later.

4. Large Pattern Folding Planner by mochithings. I randomly found this one. It looks interesting, it’s like a book or a map. I’m going to assume based on the photos that there is more than enough room to probably over-plan.

via Mochi Things:
via Mochi Things

5. 12-Month Agenda- Wild Confetti by Lily Pulitzer. This is cute, that’s really all I can say. There are a few other similar patterns and I would say it’s the kind I would carry in my purse or bag but I don’t actually carry an organizer or planner with me. Nope, I like to write down daily what I do but that planner doesn’t need to be with me everywhere. It’s just to keep me organized. I should know my own schedule and plus isn’t that what phones are for. You might be thinking then why bother with planners in the first place? What’s the point? Well, I like it. Maybe I’m old-fashioned (old habit in young blood) but it’s probably that I like to write and it helps to clear my head to write down my plans and goals.

The Verdict: Passion Planner. I feel like I’m putting too much hype on this dang planner. Does anyone else reading this currently have the Passion Planner? Is it working for you? Do you like it? Would you recommend it? I really want to know! Second place probably goes to the planner from Pocketo, which I might get if not the Passion Planner.


Happy organizing, remember that it really can make you feel happy when your mind is clearer.

Family is Everything


They say family is everything. If this is true, why do our families sometimes make us feel as though we are crazy or helpless. Depends on your family or even what your version of family is. These days it can be hard to separate truth from fiction, or really life from fantasy. What matters is finding yourself among the remains of what is left of your former self to build a better you.

I’ve been through a lot in life. I’m still going through a lot, it’s not going to be over anytime soon. The struggles and pain are what make me though. I just have to keep telling myself that I am not alone, even though it feels like that and I don’t really know if I even believe what I tell myself anyway. I think I’m going through some kind of twenty-something crisis. Possibly a millennial thing, I don’t really know. Life can be a blur sometimes, in that everyday just collapses into another and they stop having meaning. But, the point is to find meaning out of life not necessarily every day.

If you have a good family, with people who love and support you then this is where they come in. Your family is like no one else. Like no other group of people you will encounter in your life because they don’t actually care about what you do or who you want to be. They love you for you. Whoever your family is or whoever you call your family, don’t let them out of your life. They exist to be there for you and your are there for them. It’s how the cycle works. No one understands why someone who grows up in a small town never comes back, it’s because there was nothing there to begin with. A person only comes back to the place that is home because there is love there. There is no judgement there or stares. It’s not holing up in your parent’s house, no its a collective presence of people. Not really all in one place, but the presence is felt at once anyway.

So, we all have to work on ourselves. We’re not perfect beings. No one said we were. An example: A girl cries as her mother reaches out to hold her, resistant of any touch and  scared to feel that love again. Unaware at the same time that while her heart is breaking that the love she really needs has been right next to her the entire time. At this moment, the heart inside the girl begins to give out and she closes her eyes and begins to cry once again hopeless while hoping that there is a future that is still bright for her out there. Then, her mother looks at her with concern knowing that her daughter is not a child anymore and she too begins too cry because she wants to help her but doesn’t know how. This is what happens when we are afraid to open our hearts to the one’s who only want to love us (side note: this is a random story and has nothing to do with me).

The most I can say is that everybody has their problems. Every family might have their problems, but if it matters to you to have them in your life then fight to have them. Love will prevail. Whatever your going through or how crazy your family is, it cannot be as crazy as this family.

Best to all reading and keep smiling, if you can it lightens the heart a bit.

“One way to get the most out of life is to look upon it as an adventure.” –William Feather (the quote of the day for April 27)