On books and writing

“The person, be it gentleman or lady, who has not pleasure in a good novel, must be intolerably stupid.” –

-Jane Austen, Northanger Abbey

I’d like to believe that those of you reading this actually enjoy reading. Possibly you spend a good deal of time reading even. Maybe you just got some new audiobooks (yes, these can count).

Or maybe not. It could be that you are failing in reading and you don’t seem to fathom why. “But I used to love reading!” is what you tell people. “I can’t seem to find the time to read these days.” Oh, so that’s what we’re going with then.

Don’t worry, I have also done this but I know that it does nothing to make me read. If I want to read, no one is stopping me from picking up a book and reading it. I love to get lost in a great story. It reminds you of the wonderful writers, most of who are unknown, that have not given up on their dream. If they haven’t, who says you should?

Sure, you might say you don’t want to write but you could change your mind one day. You might do something amazing and people will pay you great sums to write a memoir. Maybe they’ll make a movie about your life that is then not your life anymore. Anyway, a bit of a far reach but just know that you cannot stop trying because it might be too hard.

Besides anyone can self-publish, as anyone who writes on WordPress or other blogs knows though the likelihood of writing the “Next Great American Novel” is probably not achieved through your own means. As much as you might try.

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read. Thanks for remembering that “hey, reading isn’t so bad after all!” That’s right, it’s not so bad. How, about we all try doing more of it?

On success (pt. 1)

It’s likely that this year you have faced some failures. Some mishaps. Found yourself on a path that you’re not entirely proud of, but you are hoping for the best at this point. You are pretty certain that you are doing ok, but not sure what steps to take next to be great. The struggle comes from the realization that you are and probably always will be a failure in some way.

In the same vein though, you are the exact opposite of that. You are thriving and growing each and every day. Yay you! Alright, so let’s say it’s five years from now, you have achieved what you wanted and satisfaction is oh so sweet. You’re feeling not just happy, but pure contentment in your life and choices. Something is nagging at you though and it is the need to create. As humans we will always want to create something, it doesn’t matter your personality type (introverted or extroverted). However, creativity can lead to different happiness levels. Maybe your feelings on a certain subject or idea will change. Maybe you will hate everything about what your life has become up to that point. Maybe you wonder if you are not actually putting your time to good use. After all, creativity is everywhere and not everyone has to be a part of that. You can buy creativity but would it mean anything to you, would it have any value?

woman holding black flag
Photo by Engin Akyurt on Pexels.com

Let me say this then. You’re a teacher. You’re a writer. You’re a U/X designer. You’re an IT professional. You’re a babysitter. You’re a grocery-store clerk. You’re a bookseller. You’re a librarian. You’re a barista. You are creative, but you a part of a generation that doesn’t value you. You’re part of a society that values things that are more practical because they make more sense for future generations. Things like STEM technology, e-commerce and trade, finance and banking, law, and medicine are jobs the world needs more than a teacher or writer. The things that you want to do may not lead you down an easy road to success. You definitely won’t get to where to want to be that quickly. You need the drive and patience to not give up.

Success will never be easy if you’re a teacher. You won’t be making much. You will be overworked. You might have to work two other jobs, at least. You will have to take care of other personal projects as they come. You have to fight your own battles out there you creative soul.

Success may make or break you. I hope that it will make you stronger, but it could very well be very hard to achieve and that alone could break you until you are a shattered mess. Hold strong and remember that success is not a shot in the dark but a glowing bright light in a room full of shadows.

You got this. I got this. We all got this.

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Creative Spark

Oh, hey blog. It’s been “awhile.” And, I know that’s what people say when they’re sorry for missing out or something like that, but listen read this: I didn’t feel like writing anything for a long while. I told myself I would only write when I have a job or some semblance of one, but I’m getting tired of empty promises and broken threats. It’s fine, I’m making up for it by writing a post every day this week. See? I can write and in case you’re wondering, I did sorta find that creative spark again but only sorta.

The truth is the only thing I really know how to do is write. Maybe not well and maybe not great, but I can do it. I would love to be paid for it, but no one really does that anymore. I would like to go back to another school (online) but then I remind myself isn’t that how this whole thing started in the first place? With me wanting more. Me wanting more opportunities. That’s all I really want. I do my best to remind myself that it’s not really as bad as I think, but I’m a liberal arts student forever and a lover of literature and the arts. Basically, knowledge is power and I want to know all the things. It’s hard to know what I mean by that, but I want what I feel like will give me stability. Hard to knock that one out so easily.

This week I’m working towards better writing. Better information and stepping outside my level of trying. I can always try harder. I have to know that this fitness thing I’m trying for and this writing thing are a part of me. They’re both my passions and I have to find a way to weave them together. So writing prompts, setting writing goals and reaching out to that online community will probably be the best to guide me as I work to be a better and more focused writer.

If you write, keep writing. If you know what gives you the adrenaline you need to be creative find it and set out on a mission to write your heart out. To create things. To build things. To say something meaningful to you and partake in something that bring you closer to yourself. It’s something I’m striving for.

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