The morning worm

It would seem that in most areas of life, people are trying to get by on the promise of greatness someone else told them. It’s possible that greatness will not be achieved nor will it amount to any real goals. Not unless it is acted upon.

I’ve noticed that people that do great are those that, among other things, are early risers. Now, I do love sleeping but I also love to be productive and not waste time in the day. In a habit that I could break any day now, I wake up way before the sun and then stay up working on other tasks that take time but are better achieved in the morning hours. The reason for my early get-up has to do with the online work I do, but I have grown to see the benefits of waking up early the more that I do it. 

 There a feeling of duty and not laziness. Sure, you might love to crawl back into bed and into those warm blankets but you got yourself up for a reason. You want to work on a certain task(s) and this is the time to do it. Yes social media is there, but it’s quiet. Most people are sleeping when you are working on your self. Great work. Maybe if you’re up for it, you can squeeze in a morning workout as well. This can help energize the rest of your day and 11 pm will really start to feel like how your mother described it once as “half the day gone” because you have been so productive in the morning. 

So maybe you’re reading this while drinking coffee. Maybe you’re sick and lying on your computer all day. It’s possible you don’t want to be a morning person. No one said you had to be, you do have to find the way to make your goals happen that work best for you.

I’m not a morning person either.

Check yourself before you wreck yourself (daily)

I’m checking my progress to see if I’m doing alright and what I’m finding is that I’m doing ok. Physically and mentally? Those are both different checks that I’m not doing regularly. I could definitely be doing a better job of making sure that I am doing well. I could give a list of reasons why I might not be doing these regular “checks” but its possible most days   I don’t know what to even check for.

Working abroad has its own set of issues to deal with. Since I work in a school, I need to be energized and motivated every single day. This is not always the case, especially on a Monday morning but I give it my very best. The reason why I think I could be doing more has to do with how I push myself now.  It’s like a new feeling that I strive for now, one that I previously did not subscribe to. What I do is rewarding work, for sure but it can sometimes leave me feeling pretty worn out. Alright, not sometimes. All the time.

A thing I used to do when I came back from my last job (with an hour and a half commute time) would be to press a cold, wet towel on my forehead and shoulders. Sometimes two different towels, usually with essential oils of some sort. For ten minutes or more. This was my release and doing it let me forget about those around me and the stresses that come with that for just a little moment. It’s something I need to get back into, but saying it is easier than doing the task. I can’t say I follow my plans for the day to the “t” but I know that the more I do in a day, the more I feel productive and accomplished. Doesn’t anyone want to just feel accomplished? I thought so. Don’t lie to yourself now, I know that you want to feel good about daily goals, too.

Maybe I’m still working on being present. Or trying to take more risks. But, I know that I don’t have to achieve quite everything that I think I do. Let’s keep it to five things aside from work and I’ve done so much productivity it blows my actual mind. Not the literal mind, like the real mind. The one that writes these absurd blog posts.

I’m going to stop before I make any less sense.

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How to take away the winter blues

It seems we have slipped into February. The short month that feels like the longest month. That time when you may or not be feeling anxious about the days ahead and the time when you wondering what it would be like to live in a more tropical location (unless you already do, then continue with your lush lifestyle, friend!). Regardless, if you’re in North America it’s winter. And it’s generally a gloomy time unless you are some kind of expert at creating the sunshine and warm weather. Since you are not, however, there is no reason to leave you in suspense of when old man winter will finally rear his head. The answer is hopefully shortly because global warming.


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There are plenty of ways that people tell one to combat the winter blues. Some tell you to de-stress, unplug, go outside, then promptly go back inside because it is cold. Well, I’m not trying to be a smart lifestyle article here and there will be no fancy slideshows of Getty images of food, but there will be advice.

First of all. Buy Christmas lights and put them up. It doesn’t matter that its Feb. now and all the lights are gone or even that you don’t celebrate the holiday, just that lights are probably on clearance somewhere and Stranger Things was probably onto something by having communication through the lights. Plus they will bring a smile to your face. If anyone asks and interrupts you while you answer to laugh at you, say you’re celebrating life and that will make them shut up.

Second, you need to read books. Yeah yeah yeah, people say they read in the summer only. But why not in the winter? I find I actually read more in the winter, not always but if there are too many things happening in the summer months I won’t get past one large book and a few smaller books. Which is rather disappointing. So read. I’m going to include audiobooks too, but only for some books in which the author is reading the book. Get a library card and use that sucker!

Thirdly (I actually kind of hate that word, sounds kind of snooty eighteenth century but it is typed so moving on), make something. With you hands and something that you can be proud of. Enough scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram looking at all the things you wish you could make. Who says you can’t? It can be anything. Find a way to get the tools if you have to. Make a cabinet. Bake a cake. Build a set for your tv, and cook something you want to instead of just watching that TasteMade clip again and again. You’re creative and you have the ability to make something great. So do it! (Now don’t be lazy and say buying the tools is too much work and give up).

Try to watch tv as little as possible. As little news as possible and as much comedy as possible. Stay close to those that bring you up and away from those that bring you down. What’s the point in wasting energy like that? Do your nails, go shopping, listen to your favourite music and laugh about the stupid things. All things that can be achieved. And all things that you are capable of. Let’s take on the blues together and bring in the sunshine again.


Photo and sticker are mine.


A thing (where I make lists)

I’m not great at writing blog posts everyday or at least on a regular schedule. I can try, but it always ends up being some kind of chore at the end of the day. Unless, I make it fun. So, here are five things I like/love and hopefully this will make up for like two weeks.

Organic skincare brands

1) Perfectly Posh

2) 100% Pure

3) Lush

4) Burt’s Bees

5) Petit Vour

(have not actually tried the last two, but they sound good and I can’t think of five.)


1) The Daily Beast

2) The Atlantic

3) Slate

4) Washington Post

5) Chicago Tribune

(not read on a regular basis. I get most of my news by following many news source including these ones on Twitter).


1) Bookcon

2) Chicago TARDIS

3) VidCon

4) TESOL Convention

5) SAJA Conference

Music Festivals (and film)

1) Lollapalooza (one day.)

2) Coachella 

3) Bonnaroo

4) Bunbury Music Festival

5) SxSW

(I will be attending one of these this year, but will not say which!)

Best drink

  1. water
  2. water
  3. lemon water
  4. water
  5. water

Spotify playlists

-Hanging Out and Relaxing

-Boho + Chill

-Keep Calm and Stretch On

-Mood Booster

-Good Vibes

-The Most Beautiful Songs in the World

-Happy Hits!

-Feel Good Indie Rock

-Relax and Unwind

-Rock 360

(It was hard to pick just 5! So I went all in and picked 10. You’re welcome).

5 apps for productivity

  1. Photomath (I wish I had this magic when I was in high school!)
  2. Gmail
  3. Pocket (save stories, media and more to look at later)
  4. Evernote (everyone loves this, but I’ve never tried it. Is it good?)
  5. Clear (does anyone have this? What are your thoughts?)

Lip balm?

-Maybelline Baby Lips

-Perfectly Posh chapsticks

-Burt’s Bees lip balm


-Eos lip balm

YouTubers/Channels you should be watching

*Marina Shut Up (a feminist vlogger)


*The Vlogbrothers (but of course).

*Akilah Hughes

*The Brain Scoop

(and so many more!)

5 awesome smoothies

Alright, I hope you check some of the things above-you might discover something you love!

This post took me awhile to write so next one will be more writing and not lists probably 😉

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cover image of excited 10.

Trying something new-ish

As I’ve probably written on this blog before, I’m still looking for employment somewhere. Trying my best not to lose hope. If nothing else, I’ll volunteer someplace and see what happens. But, it’s May now so onto actually putting some effort into it.

I’m trying this new thing called the vegan easy challenge, though I was going to try the 30-Day Vegan Challege but opted for the first since it was free and it didn’t seem like much of sacrifice. When, I say sacrifice I mean it though because giving up things like dairy and finding vegan baking ideas seems like a much larger task than it seems. There is also hand-delivered meals through 22- Days Nutrition. The truth is stepping away from those vital nutrients can be a bit harder to strangle yourself away from. Since I normally already eat healthfully and do my best to eat clean, I don’t see this as terribly hard minus the no cheese part. But, a part of me is still willing to try. Honestly, if it doesn’t work out now maybe I’ll do the challenge later in life (later, like when I have a job and a home of my home and such). If anything, I’ll probably eat clean and maybe focus on more paleo friendly recipes.

Raspberry and Blueberry Kale Salad (from Driscoll's) Source:
Raspberry and Blueberry Kale Salad (from Driscoll’s)

Quinoa Wrap with black beans, feta, and avocado (not fully vegan but can be mixed around to something similar) from Source:
Quinoa Wrap with black beans, feta, and avocado (not fully vegan but can be mixed around to something similar) from

Recipe from See original post link above.
Recipe from
See original post link above.

Anyway, I’m trying. Also, trying to keep that fitness routine and change it up from time to time. Things I want to do this week include: Signing up for fitness instructor training course (or at the very least getting more info.), signing up for a few classes, giving my time to a local organization. Yeah, I might say this every week and I don’t know if it’s because my sister came back from college for summer but there’s no reason to be doing nothing or at least no wasting time. No more.

If you can’t tell from this post, I do love kale. On that note, if you’re a type who tries anything that celebrities do or say is cool and you maybe like Kendrick Lamar and salad, then try this salad technically named after one of his songs. So, I’m trying out new things I find with kale, because I didn’t always love it heck I may have even been afraid to try it for a while. Whatever, I took the plunge one day and never looked back (sorry for the dramatics there). I don’t hate it though. We’re friends, but not as tight as me and strawbs, those are my fav.



This was kind of a me post, writing some things that might happen and hoping for something else. you were inspired or want to try something new because of this post then yay for you. Maybe I’ll do more posts like these, with food and such. Or maybe I won’t.

Maintaining a Healthy Mind

The stress of figuring out what you’re going to do eventually can get to you sometimes. Like, really get to you. Not only can you get headaches, but your body aches and you feel sad for no reason. You’re thinking about so many different things and hoping that your path will find itself somehow. I’m in this predicament as well, but I’m doing my best to not let my worries get a deep hold on me.

It can kind of overtake you and you can forget to breathe. And that would be bad because you need to breathe to live. When you sit at home most of the time and are without a job, the days kind of blend together and you get kind of restless for the next step (when you don’t know if there even is one). The best thing I can say to remedy that is to find what you love. Don’t tell me you don’t have anything or anyone you don’t love. I don’t believe you. There is something you take joy in and there may be someone that you adore, but we’re not always taking into account the love that is already around us. Maybe that’s sad or maybe that’s just us pretending we know what we’re talking about when we say “I got this.” We don’t got this. We never really have.

The idea is to find that balance, in which our mind and body is happy at the same time. Maybe all it takes is a sunny day or the chance to watch your favourite television shows. Get off social media. If you’re like me and you have no one to watch your tv shows with, then look to the live-tweeters and live-bloggers which is pretty much like watching the show with so many fans who are going through the same emotions. A small thing. But, maybe a big thing too. If it gets you to smile, then yeah maybe it’s what you need to do. Go online. Talk to people. Don’t do anything crazy, of course but get out of looking at yourself from the outside because you’re not alone in the world. Not by a long shot.

Try something like this in everyday life:

retrieved from Oregon State University Be Well Blog:
retrieved from Oregon State University Be Well Blog:

This is the Healthy Mind Platter by Dr. Dan Siegel. It outlines perfectly what we can do to create the right balance. To be able to find that well-being in ourselves which we lack. Finding a clear focus is the first step in wanting to do better for yourself. Everyone can do this, in daily life to make sure that their mind is getting the rest, stimulation, and nourishment that is fully needs. To work and play we need to know what we want.

Of course, we’re not all perfect, but if we work at it we will realize our inner potential. Also: Smile!




Keeping it light, here is a song that might lift your spirits and help you remember that you don’t have to do it all today.