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Do nothing or do something

There are some things happening. Things in which I hoped would happen and now that they have, I am thinking what it would be like to be different. To be someone that lives outside of my own skin.

Not to say that I want to go through one of those out-of-body experience things but I certainly am wondering if I have what it takes. Do I have thick enough skin to take the critics, the haters and the non-believers? Am I able to endure the wrestling in my brain from people that remind me of what I can be or should be? Do I need to be stronger than what I think I am currently? Probably, but I’m not the kind of person to rethink things like this because the goal from the start should be happy with what I have. And what I am working with looks good right now.

But, if given the chance what could I be? Who could I be? I could look at myself from above a mountain, while the the clouds are within reach. While, I wonder what it would be like to float through air I actually do it. I don’t plunge down anywhere though, I land softly and close my eyes and whisper how sweet it is to be a person with dreams. To be able to live out those dreams and not be tied down because of lack of opportunity or goals. To be scared of reaching out and lose focus of what I’m trying to do. Which is what exactly? To be me. Simply me.

To be grateful is a wonderful thing. To remember why you’re grateful is even more wonderful. Be a better person and be a better version of what you want to be.

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