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When was the last time you said what you were grateful for?

No, this is not about religion, faith or spirituality. If you define this question on those terms, then you’re thinking is slightly on the negative side. Maybe its getting better, what do I know? No, I know. You can’t think about your next breath let alone next week. Your days and months need to planned out to the last detail. You know who you are.

Of course, I don’t know you. I know me. Since, I want to write a post but I also want to sleep let’s see if I can think of twenty things/people/ideas I am grateful for. I might make some up along the way that I never thought about but here we go.

1. My mom

2. Books

3. My sisters

4. My family

5. My parents

6. My fandoms

7. Books

8. Ability to write

9. The chance that I actually do love writing, like it’s my passion (unless we’re talking technical writing then you’re on your own there buddy.)

10. Pilates

11. Yoga

12. Journaling, goes along with writing but I love my journals

13. Music

14. Libraries, but only some librarians. (sidenote: I always wanted to work in a library. I would be cooler than the older–but nice!–ladies but alas nope).

15. The ability to go outside

16. The ability to feel the wind on my face and be able to get outside of a stuffy house or room

17. Nail art that I used to be more into, but still sorta am but then not really because that takes time ya know?

18. A roof over my head

19. A place to lay my head each night

20. This moment.

Alright, that wasn’t so hard. I got to 20 pretty quickly actually. Comment below what you’re grateful for.

Smile if you aren’t already, its good for your face to exercise.


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