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It would appear

It would appear as though the month of January would like to rear its head and leave.

It would appear as though something is going to happen soon, something monumental. Maybe it’s just on the brink or maybe its leading me to wonder what the brink even is.

Quite possibly it is leading me to want to find out more about the “thing.” The great and powerful “thing” that will be coming to a year near me soon. Not sure when, as the “thing” doesn’t always announce itself but fear should be minimized as it will pop up eventually. Or, probably the opposite since it is an unknown as to what the “thing” is. So fear it, love it, or hate it. It will occur in some form.

It would appear that the “thing” then doesn’t really matter. At least I would still have my sanity, my humanity and some trace of my dignity.

Wait, though. It would appear as though no one actually cares about things such as dignity and class anymore. They should. People are not robots as much as they would like to be.

It would appear then that things are happening. Good things or bad things? It’s not for me to say.

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Not all about the material things

I don’t need material things, but sometimes it’s nice to imagine the things I could buy. The things that make me feel happy include, but are not all things I need to buy include:


*Creative ideas

*TED Talks

*Journals with inspiring quotes



*Online learning

*Broadening skills




You don’t need money to buy success. You need optimism and healthy goals. Stick to those goals and good things will come.

Well, life is what you make of it. When you’re not paying attention, it can get away from you. Just like this mindless post.

Have a fabulous day, all! 🙂

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Failing to learn from mistakes

I’m not over being great. I still have plenty of greatness left in me. I’m sure that I do, I just haven’t recognized it that well yet.


I do a lot of trying and failing. It’s like doing laundry, like a chore that no one wants to do but must be done regardless. The things that we detest doing must be done though, whether we like it or not. I could make a cool list of ideas on how to be productive or do this or that, but it’s not a list I myself would even be following so what would be the point? None, no point. So instead, I’ll just say that I have made some mistakes and I’m not learning from all of them.


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They (they being society and those that think they know what is best for us) tell us to learn from our mistakes, but what happens when we just don’t. We read on and on that making mistakes and failing is a part of life and growing up, but if that is true then why are we all still failing? Because try as we might, we still don’t have that secret formula to make all our troubles go away. Youth potions might be an idea, but I’ll only be on board if they can take me back to my childhood. A time of true and real innocence. For the most part, I didn’t have any problems. Not the same kind of problems anyway. Now my problems are of the more convoluted and involved variety that stems from not knowing or not having a real plan. This is our own plan, not one made by anyone else and that’s when we realize we might have screwed up somewhere.

Because we need guidance. We need the help to remind us that we’re not alone. We need that support network. We don’t all have this and it bites us sometimes, but that’s ok. Just go online and there’s a community for everything and anything that you love or love to hate, so there is no reason to feel alone. No reason to feel excluded in any way. If there is no group then hey! I’ll be in your group. 🙂 Make your own light, be your own source of happiness when you let yourself feel good about yourself.


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So, maybe you learned something from this. Maybe you learned nothing. Maybe right now you’re wondering what the heck you got yourself into and that’s ok too. As long as you think you might have it figured out soon(ish) it should hopefully all work out in your favor. I wish you well.


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Don’t forget to be awesome (I know I forget).

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You’re an irregular person

You love your phone, right? You know that feeling of being outside your home and realizing you forgot your phone? It’s a terrible feeling that is also rooted in how we view ourselves. Sure, maybe you’re busy and really need to answer that email or text. Maybe your boss will be calling you. Saying “I forgot my phone” is as believable as a kid on a tv show saying the dog ate my homework. It didn’t happen. Something happened and you don’t have the device on your person, but you will thrive regardless of that situation.

Yes you will, don’t be negative. Work with me, please.

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You’re lying to yourself if you believe you will change. Whatever that means. You need to be in the loop, informed. You need to have your phone because it is your anchor. It holds you down and comforts you, whether you choose to admit this or not. Maybe we like to tell people we will do good and be good but are these ideas fact or fiction?

Ok, enough about you then. You’re tired of the lies in the media. In the consumer society you have to live in. You take the lies, but then you read the other lies. It’s hard to make sense of where the lies stop and the truth begins because in some cases it seems a though the lies are easier to say than the actual truth. You don’t follow the news, as you say but there are things you keep up with. Your friends, family, and personal projects all require your attention. You are motivated to keep relationships and connections strong because they, (unlike the restless society), won’t let you down. Everyone hates to be let down, but it happens anyway. It’s probably in the handbook for life or something. This all doesn’t make a lot of sense, but you already know what I’m getting at because you know the whole truth. Your truth is that you don’t know what you want but you want so much to know.

You have some idea, but let it float on. Let it meander down the pond. Moving on is a good idea as it allows the mind to refresh. To be able to know is a rare thing these days. We are diverted by so many things on a daily basis, that attention spans are extremely short. Watching a 14-minute youtube video is not something anyone wants to do in their free time, because that is not quick. It is ignored that more time will likely be spent anyway scrolling through social media feeds anyway as the restless mind lives on. The next week will beat on and we will stand, waiting in earnest.

Or maybe just you, because your mind is all over the place today.

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On being in a weird place

I probably get the question “so what are you doing right now?” a lot or at least a fair amount when I do go out and see people. This past weekend was a holiday, so I did have to meet and be merry and of course the question came up without fail. My answer sometimes varies from “doing some journalism work” to “some teaching” or “taking online classes right now but looking for job.” People usually relate to the last one there, seeing the initiative to do more as a good sign and knowing that is is quite hard to find a lasting job these days. The people that get that are fine and conversations tend to grow from there.

You might say work with what I do have going for me, work it right? But, I’m awkward and most know it. At the same time, I do my best to sound like I’m not wasting most of my days doing nothing.

I dislike someone speaking on my behalf. I used to be able to be whatever, but I think I might be quieter than some others and maybe more of a creative thinker but I can form my own opinions and thoughts. Regardless, can we just talk about our favorite tv shows? Or no?

It’s easier to say that I can’t really figure myself out right now. But, I can’t always say that. Essentially, I’ve been in the same place for over a year. Mentally, no job and no chance where I am. Why did I come back is what I think as I write this, but know I needed to regroup before I could start back somewhere big. A bigger place means bigger dreams and larger goals. Maybe less attainable, but that’s ok. At least it will be something different and new. Though, maybe in my defense taking online classes is a little different than doing nothing at all, so not totally terrible.

Source: Originally from tumblr.

I get that maybe I’m not the only one in such a position. In such a time when things don’t really make sense. When you have goals, but you feel like you don’t because those around you seem to already have their life figured out. It’s a weird place and its not the only weird stop on the ride to normal.

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I really liked the gifs I used here and if I could have, I would have used some of the gorgeous illustrations found at (with credit given of course to artists and blog). Check them out, they’re from various artists and really amazing.

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In case of emergency

Sometimes it’s like we’re made of plastic and we break so easily. Other times, we refuse to break and steel ourselves hard so it will never be as bad as we think it to be. We try to bend and break, but try as we may our minds are forcing us to shake and cling on to hope even it’s an absurd idea.

I’m writing this post with my family in mind. I feel like I just watched a movie this weekend, with all the happy parts in color and the sad parts in black and white. No, this is not another sad post about how writing gets me so down but rather how my family really makes no sense sometimes. I just want out of it all. I hate drama and I hate making everything more intense than it is. Life is already a long journey, don’t try to make it more intense than it is. You’re only setting yourself up for more tears. Tears which no one wants to see, so go ahead put them away. I’m waiting. You done? This could take awhile you say? Well, that’s too bad because that’s what you said about finishing that one thing and then that other thing. What is the point of all this anyway?

Since I don’t know what I’m doing (and tell people so sometimes) I really just try to be content in the moment. That’s what it’s all about. I know I’m not about to be half the person that my mother is or even what my father is but I don’t know if I would want to. Sure, they’re great people. Are they great in their thoughts and ideas? Maybe, but maybe not. But, hey that’s all cool. I’m not supposed to hate on them for that anyway. What I’m really doing is trying to lay the foundation for myself. Problem is I don’t know what the heck that foundation is or how to get there. So many questions and so many little ways of answering them. Story of me at the moment.

So if nothing goes according to the always changing plan (that plan being get a job, get out, travel, or go to grad school and teach far away) then I’ll just write my head away into the clouds. Like I might have said in another post, I don’t know anything else. I really don’t. Who knows who the heck reads these, because they do get posted on my twitter and tumblr (sometimes) but if you are reading then know this: It doesn’t get better. You might as well know that now. It gets worse before it gets better is a better thing to say, if you ask me (this is not referring to LGBT issues or anything, it’s just life in general). I’m going to keep writing this blog. I’m going to help people and I’m going to ignore the negativity around me because it does nothing. I don’t have time to be sad, when life is already so overdramatic sometimes.

As a precaution also that nothing works out, I’m still going to read books. I’m still hoping to be on someone’s awesome list for something. I’m watching people I went to high school with get married and have kids and settle in life. And I’m just…here. I don’t want to travel to be an impact, not necessarily. No, I want to do things for my own personal happiness too. Because that is important too, is it not. I thought so. Well, just in case anyone wanted to know I am still searching. For myself. For what I want. For who I want. For a best friend, because really I’ve never had one and hey, life is lonely sometimes when everyone else is gone off but you.

“Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.” –Albert Einstein

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I don’t think I’ve found my direction yet. It’s going to take some more time, I’m grateful for my mother. She seems to understand my pains, since she has been there. I’m not very good at expressing myself, however (something I’m working on). I don’t really write in here anymore, but I haven’t forgotten about it. So, here’s to hopefully more posting.

I’m still hoping someone will hire me, but I’ve realized I need to keep writing online. In the next few days, I’m going to just crank out some articles on different sites. I haven’t been sharing new articles with family, but I will since there will be more to read. My parents love to read whatever I write. I’m working on getting healthy (not that I’m not), but I guess more active. It can make you incredibly happy, too.

So, writing. It’s what I do. But, I what to teach too. To inspire people. Do I do that already? I don’t really know. I want to travel abroad and maybe teach abroad. I want to one day mentor someone and impact their lives positively. I want to live in a house or apartment with girls and we will all become good friends. Mostly because I don’t have any. But that’s ok, because I have my mother, right? No, sometimes it really is not enough.

I think I should stop now. I’m confused with life. I don’t want to end up alone. I want to be happy, but that is not someplace that is easy to reach out and grab.

Thanks for reading, if you are (whoever you are 😉 )