La vie est difficile

It’s a known fact that hard things are hard. When faced with difficulty, it seems as though we try to forget it exists and harbour negative feelings in our heads. Just letting those thoughts permeate through whatever we are doing or trying to do. Failure becomes not an obstacle, but an absolute.

Despite setbacks, I think you owe yourself a round of applause. Go ahead, clap for yourself. I’ll wait.

Don’t forget that when you downplay the things you could not do, you diminish what you can do.

I’m not sure of your role or job, but you don’t have to let yourself feel as though you need to do it all. Yes, that is what most people say these days especially those that advocate for more mindful thinking or more productivity with less stress. Being productive means different things for different people. Maybe you, the person hoping to find some quiet inspiration reading this today, need to adjust your productivity levels. At least, find a way to know what is productive for you and why.

These are not just the small things. These are all bigger actors playing the role of motivator in your life. The actions you take make you an asset, good or bad. The values you seek make you honest or fair. Maybe you’re still seeking out what makes you valuable, however those that admire and think you are worth it will tell you otherwise. I will tell you otherwise and I don’t even know you.

So keep going. Remember to keep thinking of why and what your why is in regards to your life. It’s not always personal, but usually it is.

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It’s a time when goals are changed. Reassessed to see if they are doing what they should be. Sometimes those goals are not met, causing one to reevaluate what has gone wrong. Because something went wrong. Somewhere.


If you’re feeling like you messed up or you need to push yourself a little more, then stop wondering and make a plan. This is probably easier said than done, however making a plan and staying with it will help to keep you on track and not feel as though you are terribly failing.

An idea to do just that:

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Log off. Right now, or at least finish reading this since you started (but if you stop here, then I wouldn’t even be mad). It sounds so so simple, but it’s really not. At any time today, I can almost guarantee that you will spend more than 20 minutes just scrolling through social media feeds on your phone.

I don’t know your life or your job, but it is likely you have a smartphone and love your various apps. Everyone does, but admitting to this is not the easiest for anyone.

Some like to say they are social media “lightweights” (this is what I would say because I was classified as this once in a quiz taken in some museum). Others will say they are “heavyweights” because they need social media as it not only part of their job or work but also their life. Alright, not a problem. Everyone can do their own thing, whatever. The idea is that you make the choice of what you want to do next. Make the choice that serves you best.

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Hopefully, this means you strategize. Rethink and replan what your life looks like from here to the next two years. Or just six months. Planning ahead might seem difficult, especially if you don’t have much currently so everything goes to the bills.

However, planing out ahead still has long-term strengths in that it will aid in helping you work towards more achievable goals. I couldn’t say what those goals are (different for everyone), but maybe its something like saving up for a new car. What kind of car do you want? Are you willing to compromise? Organize a plan for how this will happen now and maybe six months or a year from now you will get that car you want. You will feel so great once you achieve the goal you have been seeking out for so long.

After that, you will continue to work towards rewards that you set for yourself (however, please please do not go crazy and overspend). Money is valuable but not as valuable as you.

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Keep reaching those goals, friends. ❤

Just fail it all out

I’ve probably written about this before, but failure will happen to you. It will hurt and will leave you feeling worthless and might cause you to abandon ship on your current plan. Maybe you need to shift your ideas a bit or reframe your mind. Idealistically, it would appear as though you have to move forward and remember that failing is part of life, as the quotes like to say. So what do you say you give it a try?


I have a hard time giving this a try because I need time to unwind after a big fail. I should be able to just jump back into action, but I cannot. It feels like everything else I try will just end up in failure anyway so what would be the point. I try to remind myself that I need to at least want to achieve more. It can be difficult to want to try but giving ourselves that needed opportunity can make all the difference.

I’m in rebound from a mistake that led me to doubt why I even try. All I wanted was a job, but settling for even that can have a price. If your whole heart is not in your work, it will show. Have passion, have the drive and you will succeed. If not, then I hope you find it someday. If not, someone else will notice what you already knew full well but were ignoring. The pain of failure will stab you in the chest and you will remember that only you make the choices in your life. The decision to leave or move on comes down to how your mind reacts. Sometimes our mind reacts quickly to failing, other times not so fast but that’s ok.

Once we realize that we have failed, we move on. The final step is always acceptance. Don’t let it cloud your thoughts for too long or you will be stuck in an endless loop of questioning your self-worth. If you’re currently back in the loop or can’t get out, let me say this: Just step out. It might sound simple, but you have to do something different now. Your plan didn’t work. But I had no plan b, you think and ok but you still move forward regardless. We try and then we fail. Then we try again and we fail some more, but if you stop altogether you have let the people who want to see you fail most win. Don’t let anyone make you feel like you have to quit. Find another way to get to your goal. Restart. Reimagine what you could be. It doesn’t’ have to end in hopelessness every time.

Feel happy with your goals because you made them and you will achieve them too.

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Give in

There are those times when you might want to give up. You know that you should not, but you can’t do it anymore is what you tell yourself. It’s getting too hard or it’s getting too rough. Unless this is a toxic relationship you want to give up on, don’t follow that voice in your head that tells you it’s not right to give up. Didn’t expect that did you? The truth is that you’re not a failure for giving up or wanting to give up.

Just make sure that you know why you want out. This goes for most things. Make yourself a list of the reasons why you should not continue with the thing you’re doing. The most obvious thing on that list might be happiness. Do you think you would rate yourself as a highly happy person or just highly motivated like those job questionnaires ask? Wait, don’t rate yourself and if you do anyway don’t rate too low because that’s what you think you should be doing. Some other possible reasons for giving in to mistrust in yourself include: This is terrible, I liked the other thing better, this is too expensive, this is a waste of time, or I’m bored. Say, you decided to join a local sports club but when the time comes to pay for it you realize you can’t afford it and you’re somehow ok with this because you never wanted this “thing” in the first place. Not really anyway. It’s also perfectly ok to leave something because you’re not feeling challenged or you are bored with it. It’s a sign that it’s time to try something else. Something stimulating, but still fun. The biggest thing on most of our lists might be that the “thing” lacks any fun or does not make us happy. We might not be young children, but the idea of a “thing” (whatever that may be) as something that is enjoyable lets us also have something to look forward to.




So, don’t think of yourself as giving up. Don’t make unnecessary battles with yourself that you cannot get out of. Feel happy that you are able to retain some of your sanity by allowing your self to leave when it’s not working out.

Have the courage to not give up, but give in.

Not a consolation prize

It has been just over a week now that the United States has elected a new (and horrendous) president. He is in control. He has the power to destroy with his executive actions, all of which have long-term consequences. I wish I could say that it’s a great time to be American but alas it is not.


To those wondering what they are going to do in the next few months, hold tight to your own beliefs. Hold strong to the fact that there are people who want you to succeed. Ignore those that tell your otherwise no matter how much it hurts.

And I know it’s hard. It’s jarring to have to be afraid. When you came to this country for a better life and for greater opportunities. What does one do when those very opportunities are being taken away? Being relegated to nothing in favor of opportunity for the wealthy. Gone are the ideals of hard work and working for what you have it seems. Now, it seems that those that have a dream should re-think that dream. Re-tool it so that they can take part in the effort to take back their dream from the dream snatchers.

I won’t give you this blog post and say have a nice day, I’ll give you resources for allowing you to speak up:

Contact your local State Representative.

Tips for calling from a former congressional staffer.

Organize a protest!

Coping with the New America.

One thing you can be sure of is that you don’t belong in someone’s “box.” You’re not anyone’s prize to be won or trash to take out. There should be no compromise for you existing.


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Be your own fighting chance

It’s getting cold again. Well, sort of. The other day its was 74 F. but it snowed for five seconds the other day as well. It’s hard to estimate the weather in the time of global warming, but that’s how it is now.

Anyway, when it’s warm people either feel angsty or happy. Most people are stressing about the holidays, while others are stressing about the upcoming president. It’s kind of bad when there are groups of people that worry about their future lives, their safety, and their general livelihood. It’s the worrisome things that fall under the arc of human rights. Things that resonate with people and make them want to make a change. People that are not usually protesters, those that are not trying to be a nuisance but will be if they need to be. Be loud. Be active. Let your voice be heard and don’t care about who hears you or who doesn’t.



Give a fighting chance to yourself. You are your own superhero, if you believed in what you can do. The magic of the holidays is not just about giving to others, its also about giving to yourself. Give yourself the chance to seek truth, happiness and find courage.

The seasons change and the moments move around. The people that make you want to be a better version of yourself are who you should be around.

Also, don’t give in to coffeeshop protests that make it seem as though one group is superior than another. What’s mainstream is not always cool



What do you REALLY want to do?

It’s time for what I like to call “Hopeful Musings” or if you prefer “Hopeless Musings.” Now, everybody just line up over there by the the door and before you step out of it, tell me this: What do you plan to accomplish one you step outside those doors and why does it matter to you? To anyone? Do you still plan on stepping outside that door? Have you even stepped outside the door in the last few months?


Alright, didn’t mean to get all motivational speaker on you there. The truth is as the months go by, I’m starting to see that if I want the future that I think about I need to put my thoughts into actions. No, the right guy is not going to come to my front door and I will not meet him on some chance encounter. This is because when I do take chances, I know what the outcome will be like. Usually. Not always. Ok, so I don’t know how to predict most things but for the most part I’m not crazy in thinking that I need to take charge of my own decisions.

So what do I want to do? I could answer that or I could ignore that and say something like “pilates is the best strength training ever. It tops everything.” But you seem (sorta) nice so I’ll say this: Like I’ve sort of said in previous posts, I want to do things that are interesting and relevant. I think this is not common for a young person to say these days, but I don’t want to be young and wild and free forever. I want a place of my own. It makes me a little sad to see people younger than me who have already got this part figured out, simply by buying a house or car. I can’t do any of those things and probably won’t be able to for many, many years. I live at home is why. I’m trying to leave, but I need to secure a job and a semblance of a good future for myself before jetting off because then I will just end up right where I started.

So reader, you’re reading this why again? Because you falsely thought it would give you the answers you need. But, it’s a question. Both rhetorical and real. What is the reason for wanting to do anything? 

A book I recently read centered around suicide, the quote “Everything affects everything” stuck out to me. Why? Because, when you think about it’s true.

Too much to think about in one post? Too many questions, not enough substance? Oh well, you came to the wrong place then.

Here’s some puppies to make it all better.

Giving up is too easy

It’s something to know that you can do whatever you set your mind to, but another entirely to actually believe this. I don’t really know what I believe anymore, but I’m trying the best I can not to be a failure in life.

This is easier said than done, especially when thoughts of hopelessness keep creeping back into your mind. It leaves one feeling desperate for answers. For a way out somehow. I want to go someplace new, try something different. But, at the same time I don’t really want to be alone. Being alone is just so blah. It is a great way to lead one into depression. I remember I lived alone for awhile, but it never lasted all that long. Because, let’s be real life is nothing is you have no one to share in those special moments with. No one cares that you failed something or forgot to do something. But, no one said anyone had to be alone.

At this point, I think people are probably aware that giving up leads to nowhere. Nowhere new and nowhere they want to go. The idea is to know what you want and just go after it. It’s a lot easy to just think about it, then go out and do it though. I’m an example of that. But, I won’t say that I’m not trying. Nothing is meant to last, just the same way that nothing is meant to feel so overpowering over another either.

Live on.