In general, I’m not against being organized. In fact, I am very much in favor of it. But, if I don’t have a plan for tomorrow or next week, that’s ok (I would much rather be organized and have a plan, but if not I’ll figure it out as I go along). The point being, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with planning your life so extensively.

Or at least in a way that includes your dreams and wishes. Things that you want to do, broken down into specifics. Type it up, add to it often. And if you print it, hang it up somewhere to remind you that you do indeed have goals. Never give up on those goals, because they are keeping you sane. Well, keeping me sane anyway.

The goal for me was to be someone that gets a good job, just like everyone else. However, why just a job when I can have a career? I have to figure out what that career will be, but I have a strong feeling that it will include education. Reporting on education, teaching, and fighting for the kids are what interest me. But, its also not my only interest. I also have a vested interest in health and want to help encourage others to live more healthful lives. Encourage students and others to live a more mindful life, if you will. So, back to education I go. Because at the heart of it, I just want to help people. Make them feel like they can do whatever they want in life if they set their mind to it.

“Children are the future” is a phrase that too many like to say. That’s a lot of pressure on the student. Some are forthright and work hard to get into the best schools, while others would rather spend time analyzing the latest Snapchat filter. The future falls on those who care about the present. It falls on those who are willing to take action to make the world a better, more inclusive place. And yes, future generations will have to live without this guidance but there will always be someone they look up to and who looks up to them. This continues the cycle and grows a society that continues to care about the future world despite their age or income level. Everyone needs to care. Everyone should care.

So, my future is not quite mapped out yet. I’m not latched onto any one place or person just yet and I’m not definite in my career goals. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some idea of where I’d like to see myself in the future.

Doing good? Yes, definitely. Always do more than good.

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The restless and lost pupils

It’s a Tuesday night and I am going to give this blog some much needed posts. All to be scheduled later so yay.

So to start off, do you love to hate your job for the simple that its your job and no one else’s?  That’s alright. It’s perfectly fine, in fact. Well, no its not really actually. You should probably quit or leave if you hate it that much that you can’t stand to even be there. Something is probably wrong.

This year, I’ve ventured into the territory of teaching adults. By adults, I mostly mean high schoolers, but its not a high school in the four year sense that you would imagine when the word “high school” comes to mind. No need to get into that. The point is within that, I focus on English, history and writing. Primarily the humanities because that’s where my background is rooted in. And I held firm to only teaching that, but I’m becoming somewhat lax in realizing that its ok to help students in math (easy algebra or below only) if they really need it. These students need all the help they can get. Who am I to turn them away? I’m no one to them, which is exactly why they need my help. But there are no bad teachers either which makes it a great place.

I don’t know everything about working with these students. I don’t know about their lives. I don’t know what they do everyday or where they work. I care about them in school only. As soon as they are out of the building, I am not required to care anymore. That sounds harsh, but as a teacher’s assistant who only teaches sometimes this is the view I have come to know as truth because you won’t get anywhere with the students if they are just treated like your friends all the time.

I get bad looks from some students, those that regard me with a cold edge. Those that want my help, but misunderstand me all too often. Those that try to flirt their way out of doing work and quickly realize that won’t work on me. Those that refuse authority and are proud of it. Those that won’t do any work and ask for help with make-up work, only to ask for answers on everything failing to absorb the material at all. I don’t hate this, but it can be frustrating knowing this student is not doing all they can to do better. Because that’s all I want. For them to do well and excel. Go to college. Get a good career. Have dreams.

Anyway, but everything’s fine besides. I know that in order to make any real difference, every student needs to be met on their own terms. For some that means being their friend. For others, that means ignoring their requests to do so.


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It’s not tough love, its called teaching. Something which I don’t know why I’m getting into, but here I am.

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Learning English

English is an interesting language. We have so many words for so many things. The rules of grammar can be confusing and the way in which we teach it can also be confusing so there (probably) continues to be a generation that hates learning grammar. The best way to solve this is meeting the students on their level in order to help them grasp the material.


Now, I recently became certified in TEFL which is exciting. I’m usually asked these days how I got into teaching and where I would like to teach. I think I got a substitute teaching certificate, but didn’t really teach in any of the schools around me. Then, I thought about getting a certification for early childhood-especially when I was volunteering with youth and young girls. What about going a little farther and getting a masters in teaching? In college, I half though about being an elementary education major or sociology or psychology or political science. But, then few are 100% sure of their major in college anyway. You figure out your mistakes later, for better and for worse.

The point being I didn’t go into teaching. I decided too many people do that, what about journalism I thought. It was fine for awhile, until I decided after much deliberation to go to grad school for it. But, flash back to when I was younger and I played school with my siblings. Our students were our stuffed animals and they were mostly good students, except when one of them acted up and threw themselves across the hall or something. I used to organize lessons and we even had a bear newspaper (on one sheet of paper). I can’t tell anymore because I don’t remember anymore-I was probably 12 or 13.

However, that’s not my real love either. I love to write, always have ever since I was super young and that’s something that will never change. If this post is any testament to that and I want to keep myself in the practice of writing on the regular, I’ll keep writing in this blog.

I’m blessed to say that I’m doing something I really like to do though and recently acquired a job which is something to look forward to (minus the commute that comes with it but that’s life). I want to do some other blogging and writing in addition to this blog and as I’m writing it wheels are turning in my head on how to make that happen.

Because don’t tell me “I’m trying to find myself.” We all are, in a way. If you want to do something you like, then take a chance and write about it. Or just feel sad for awhile if that helps, but then get yourself back up because only you can control the trajectory your life takes.


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Paperbacks & Magazine Covers

My life is so full of nothing. It’s incredibly wonderful to want something and dream about it and then have those dreams realized. After a while though, one realizes that few if any of those dreams will come to fruition. I guess, what I’m saying is that I’m hoping to find my way in this messed up world.

For example, do people become leaders or is leadership something that is just thrust upon a person? It’s hard to say, but it’s probably not hard to make a good person want to do good. Then there are the people who try to do good, then get called out for it because it’s not what society wants or needs. Or what people in a certain region or country expect. Beyond the expected expectations, if you will. I’m talking about a young girl named Malala Yousafzai. She has changed the way people look at girls education and taking away the power from under the Taliban. Yea, that Malala. Some people love her, alright most people only love her from what they see. And what they see is a girl trying to change education for girls in parts of Pakistan. It also brings to light the power of the feministic voice in her. Now, I love her for all the same reasons. But, I also think people need to know that girls in Pakistan are not deprived of school. They go to school. They learn things and in today’s world, more are reaching higher and working to break barriers and working in jobs like medicine, law, engineering, and other science related fields. Girls in the Swat Valley, in the Kyber-Pakhtunkwa Province do go to school and some have criticized Malala’s father for using her achievements and recognition to show a province which not all believe is correct. A New York Times article mentions that Malala’s father, who is a school owner himself and an activist, can “drum up publicity and… malign Pashtun culture and overshadowing the good work of other Pakistanis in education.”

So, what do I think of Malala? Of people wanting to make a change and make their voice heard? I think they are great. I understand the sentiments of those in her region, because I think they feel as though all her praise (though hugely positive) is sometimes unwarranted. Really, she didn’t that nobel prize because the people that she wanted to inspire are already inspired. She has already captivated a world audience with her calm words on education, speaking recently in interviews. She is bold and she is calm. One day she will go far and reach her dreams because she believes in the persistence of education.

So, with this I leave a small thought. Are we all born leaders or are we followers? Do we want to achieve greatness or is that just something we see on the cover of a magazine. Sometimes in school, the question might be asked whether one is a follower or a leader. I am pretty sure there is a born leader in all of us, though we all follow a path to guide us along towards our own dreams.

Read a book, pick up a magazine. Read world events. Don’t get distracted by things that don’t matter, because when you see something that speaks to you will run out and grab it faster than you can say “what’s that.”

My life is full of people and interesting things. I read to learn. I read to know more. I think that if you want to be someone great, maybe like Malala, maybe not (probably not, since the chances are low that you live in a place where education for everyone is prized because education is taken for granted).

Your life is what you make it. This post was too long. Go read something else, now and let your brain take you somewhere.