Get out today.

Sometimes you might get one of those days where you don’t want to do anything. That’s ok, as long as you are able to remind yourself to take time to just get out. To do something and let yourself feel happy today.


Those days where you would much rather stay all day in bed are the days you need to get up the most. The days when you would much rather ignore all the responsibilities head on by just ignoring them. No one always wants to do all the things they have to, but we still tell ourselves that if we don’t we have somehow failed the day. The day is only a fail if you let yourself believe it to be. It might be the hardest thing to do in the present moment, but try to make yourself try to loosen up. Get yourself out of bed and do at least one thing that leaves you not feeling like a sack by the end of the day. It’s so easy to say that we’ll do this or that but then do nothing at all. The simple things are always the most comfortable to us aren’t they (admitting that can take some work though).

Alright, so say you get out of bed. But, it’s now 12 pm. Never mind breakfast, do a good lunch. It rains instead so you wait it out and decide it’s fine. Time rolls by, it’s now 2 pm. Then 4 pm. Then you know, you either stay or go. There has to be a better way than this is what you’re thinking. But, honestly, the weather shouldn’t be stopping you. If you can get up, wash up and change then you’re on the right step. Your next step would be to actually go outside and get out. It feels great. It reminds you that staying inside only makes things worse. Yeah, most days this is not as easy task as it might sound. I completely get that. There’s no harm in trying though.

Every day is a new adventure if you let it be and if you allow yourself to explore something new each day. Yeah, maybe your aren’t living anywhere exciting but who cares? You can find something amazing in every day if you really want to.

Never give up on the day ahead when it hasn’t even started yet. Mess up today, start again tomorrow. Stay positive no matter what.


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It’s that time of the year when the days are short and the weather is still breezy. So breezy that you can still wear sandals if you really want to because its not that bad, but scarves are a thing so you can wear those too. Oh, and boots! We can wear those now, but not all the time because like I said, sandals are ok too since it fluctuates from 74 degrees F. to 42 degrees F. some days. That is usually in the span of two days. Welcome to the Midwest.

But, Fall is probably that time of year when I just want to snuggle with a book but find myself wanting to go out and look cute in my fall outfits at the same time. Anyway, I enjoy having something to think about. Something to remind me that I am doing alright and am able to keep thinking complexly despite whatever is going on in my hectic life. (sidenote: my life is not really hectic, but its sounds productive and not the truth, which is that most of my days are not crazy). I think its a good time of year though because it’s calm (if you’re in a big city, take the excuse and go to a pumpkin patch) and light. The weather is not crazy (no not really, can be in 80s some days-darn global warming) and the leaves are gorgeous when they’re in the trees and pleasing to crunch on the ground. It’s that sunset that comes in early that lets you know that the night is young and you have time to rest, study, and read all you want. You have time to plan the next day. Getting up early suddenly seems not so bad. The daylight seems even brighter than before and glows with the orange and red leaves.

But the dark comes back too. It doesn’t have to be a bad time. It doesn’t need to be a moment when you want nothing more than to shut out all the people around you. Surround yourself with happiness even in the darkest of times and the light will find you. I promise you this much and I don’t even know your situation.


When you find the light, smile at it because it doesn’t own you. It is not part of you and only you have the power to reach beyond your own sadness and frustration with everything else.

And remember:



Be greater than mellow

These days include me facing a predicament that is not the life or death kind, but is certainly one that reminds me why I am one of those people that writes online.

Because writing reminds me that I don’t have to be able to do it all in one day. Along with letting me know that I am not alone. There is a whole community out there of dedicated writers that are a constant source of encouragement anytime I need it. Or you need it! I hope you know that feeling lost and alone is only part of the struggle, but it doesn’t you don’t have to be the only one either.

The spectacular online writing event is only a month away now and I would be a fool not to participate, but its hard to do such a thing when you want to do so many other things. I can’t be alone in feeling this way about writing. Like you want to write, but its not your everything kind of feeling. But you must bring honor to your hometown too and be a bestselling writer somehow, even its by accident which is all the more awesome.

So, maybe you’re having an off day. Maybe you’re having a great day. Maybe hump day always brings you down regardless of the situation. Whatever. You need to know that you are worth something. That you are not a piece of furniture that someone can just throw out as they please and you are not a book that can be returned. You are for keeps and if no one else can see that then you’re losing your greatest faith and comrade: Yourself.

So, I’m cheered up. I’m doing alright. Maybe I gotta face some tough decisions soon but I’ll get there and whatever you have going on-you will too. Consciously.

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What you should do to feel powerfully real

Hey you! 

Yes, you the one sitting reading blog posts when you should be doing other things. But, I hope you wrote a blog post of your own anyhow.

Why should you keep reading this post? Because it will be magical and will make you feel powerful.


Maybe. Just maybe you want to go outside right now. And maybe you don’t know what to do right now but feeling lazy is an easier option than anything else. Am I getting closer to anything? Nope? Alright, do this for me:


Better yet, go outside. Let yourself feel the air on your face. Feel the breeze, feel the rain and twirl around outside. Just because, there doesn’t have to be a reason. Take a walk, forget the phone for a minute and walk somewhere short, and take in life. Breathe deeply and look around you. Is there a dog somewhere near? Is there a cat? A squirrel? Alright, you’re getting hot now because it’s mid August so walk the less than five feet back to your house now.

Are you working this weekend? Are you not? You know that thing people and some scientists say about waking up without an alarm? Try it. See if your internal clock makes you wake up before then anyway. It might not and you might hate yourself, but try it nonetheless.


Now, that you woke up think about what you want to do today vs. what you really need to do or think you need to do. Then be realistic. It’s not often that most of us are that realistic with our daily goals. We just nab at the things we can and falter when we trip, then owe those mistakes to “life” when really we might not have planned out as well as we hoped. It’s fine, you can’t do it all in a day. It is not always “all in a day’s work” but sometimes “all in a week’s work.”


But, don’t most of us already know that life is hard. It would seem so. So, what do you really enjoy? What are your passions? No, stop. Don’t tell me you don’t have any. Don’t make me ask you for your “hobbies.” Everyone has things they enjoy or love to do take part in and people they sometimes love.


So, do you love yourself yet?


I’m calling out to the choir here, but they’ve all gone home it seems.

If you don’t love yourself, know that you’re never alone in the feeling of being lost.

If you want to live your life in a meaningful way, then you could start by simply not doing this today:


And instead doing this (especially when someone tells you you’re not good enough):


Thanks for making it through this amazing world. The world is better for having you in it!


(Also thanks for reading this post, I hope you feel inspired to get outside and let yourself live according to your limits).

All gifs are by Olivia Huynh, including the cover image.  Check her out on tumblr, her website, and giphy (where I got these gifs from).

I understand that you can do this

In a time where we don’t really understand one another because we’re all in our own worlds, I’d like to take this moment to say that I understand you.

At least I think I do. But, I’m making the assumption that if you’re reading this you’re someone who also enjoys reading in general. Like, reading for pleasure or reading for fun. Also: What does “reading for pleasure” mean besides a fancy term for reading that is not school or work related? I never say I “read for pleasure” nor have I heard someone say that to me, even if I am talking to someone who only occasionally reads. That just sounds like something you would fill out on some online form to describe yourself.

Anyway, if you take the time to consume media-to consume the everyday nuances of life then you are not understood by a lot. Because people think you’re either doomed to a life of struggle or lost in your own head. The latter is absolutely true. You’re lost. You’re trying to catch that flag waving, but its so torn now and kind of ragged that the color is basically an icky greenish brown color rather than a white one. But, I can sense that you’re trying to get the flag up. I can sense it and I think you can too, that the flag doesn’t need to go up. No. Let it go, if you want any flag in your life let it be the flag of you jumping in the air because you knew you could do it. Because you knew you had it in you. It wasn’t that impossible after all, was it? It was so much fun imagining that you could put that flag up and let people decide what to with you. You were ready. You are ready to get help.

Because the flag is not going to go up. You don’t have it in you to put something into motion, it will just stain your shirt as it makes your heart beat faster and faster.

The faster your heart beats, the more you know you’re alive. The more you realize that yes. I was meant to do this. When you put your hand on your heart and say aloud: “I can do this! I will conquer this!” You will scream this loudly and not care who hears you. If you’re in public, scream it even louder and let yourself feel a rush.

So, maybe I don’t know everything about you. But, I know this: There’s a little voice in that head of yours that is screaming to you “I can do this!” Don’t tamp down the voice. Don’t let yourself become consumed with excess worry about the thing. And most important: Don’t ever let anyone tell you that you can’t do something.

Now, go outside. It might be cold or rainy or maybe sunny (I don’t know where you live) but take a deep breath and smile because if there’s one thing you can do it’s believing in yourself.

I understand that its never easy, but its also never not easy.