Not all about the material things

I don’t need material things, but sometimes it’s nice to imagine the things I could buy. The things that make me feel happy include, but are not all things I need to buy include:


*Creative ideas

*TED Talks

*Journals with inspiring quotes



*Online learning

*Broadening skills




You don’t need money to buy success. You need optimism and healthy goals. Stick to those goals and good things will come.

Well, life is what you make of it. When you’re not paying attention, it can get away from you. Just like this mindless post.

Have a fabulous day, all! ūüôā

Take out the unenjoyable

Whoa. I forgot about that blogging thing. Hi.



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Five things that do not bring me joy but maybe did once:

1) Makeup (it’s great and I still love it, but I won’t say that I need it. I really don’t need it at all.

2) Books (this doesn’t mean I don’t like reading please note. I’m working on trying to love this again, I don’t know).

3) Shopping (what a bore).

4) Photography (I tried so hard for so long that now I don’t care to be perfect).

5) Jewelry (not the flashy).


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What I’m working on bringing back into my life:

Love, lust, and the need to want to create. I think I have lost creativity in the sense that I don’t know how to be useful. I want to contribute something great, but don’t know what exactly. So, of course, I am still a creative person as always but lost in how to gain that pure happiness. I’ll get it back though.

Follow the blog to keep up.

Give in

There are those times when you might want to give up. You know that you should not, but you can’t do it anymore is what you tell yourself. It’s getting too hard or it’s getting too rough. Unless this is a toxic relationship you want to give up on, don’t follow that voice in your head that tells you it’s not right to give up. Didn’t expect that did you? The truth is that you’re not a failure for giving up or wanting to give up.

Just make sure that you know why you want out. This goes for most things. Make yourself a list of the reasons why you should not continue with the thing you’re doing. The most obvious thing on that list might be happiness. Do you think you would rate yourself as a highly happy person or just highly motivated like those job questionnaires ask? Wait, don’t rate yourself and if you do anyway don’t rate too low because that’s what you think you should be doing. Some other possible reasons for giving in to mistrust in yourself include: This is terrible, I liked the other thing better, this is too expensive, this is a waste of time, or I’m bored. Say, you decided to join a local sports club but when the time comes to pay for it you realize you can’t afford it and you’re somehow ok with this because you never wanted this “thing” in the first place. Not really anyway. It’s also perfectly ok to leave something because you’re not feeling challenged or you are bored with it. It’s a sign that it’s time to try something else. Something stimulating, but still fun. The biggest thing on most of our lists might be that the “thing” lacks any fun or does not make us happy. We might not be young children, but the idea of a “thing” (whatever that may be) as something that is enjoyable lets us also have something to look forward to.




So, don’t think of yourself as giving up. Don’t make unnecessary battles with yourself that you cannot get out of. Feel happy that you are able to retain some of your sanity by allowing your self to leave when it’s not working out.

Have the courage to not give up, but give in.

Highlights 2016

The last month of the year has arrived and that makes me feel both apprehensive and excited. But, isn’t everyone excited to begin a new slate? Most are, to others its just another day. To those people I say, come on guys get motivated! Be goal reachers, not just goal setters!

I hope you’re not about to think about new year’s resolutions right now. You better not be. If its the same thing is is every year: To lose weight. Then get something else. Besides, what are you waiting for? The year was eventful to say the least, here are the top highlights.

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1) I decided to try a new thing. That new thing became teaching and that was in the works since last year, but this year was another step on that journey. It was a small step, but it could get bigger and open new doors for the future which is always exciting.

2) I gave Snapchat a try. But, I gave up a month ago or so on it. But, I’ll probably be back. I’m an analyzer so I like to check out the content and see what’s going on with it, but if it’s not working for me I’m out. But, like I said not for long likely. It’s an amazing app that is changing social media and world discussions.

3) I read more non-fiction. This is a personal best for me because I’m always telling myself to read more stories about actual people, things that are not fictional. I still have a few more I want to read before the year is through but I would say at least 4 or five large non-fiction works. Not a lot and it could have been more, but it counts.

4) I walked more. I go for a walk almost every day. It helps that the weather is not so bad yet. If it rains then of course no walk, but the walk is a great primer for a good workout in mid-morning after breakfast.

5) I gave conventions/conferences a try. I didn’t go to any music festivals this year, which is kind of a bummer but I did spend money on some interesting conferences. The kind that I want to go back to. The kinds of intellectual and creative conversations I want to be a part of. It was over a year ago that I put down money for a great conference in California.

6) I cooked more fun things. I made things that I found online, tried to change it up and had fun (still having fun) making random things that I shared with my mother who passed her love of cooking to me.

7) I gave yoga teaching a chance. It was something I thought about for awhile, but decided to take a chance and give it a go. It became a launchpad for seeking out yoga in my everyday life. More than I had before.

8) I called myself a teacher. I still call myself a writer and blogger as well, but this was a new title. A mark that I was turning the page and choosing to help students. That I was a leader for them even if I didn’t see it that way quite yet.

9) I made new friends. Mostly through the great place I work, reminding me that there are always new people to meet when you least expect it. I hope to meet plenty more exciting people in the future that will challenge my thinking and broaden my mind. And also are just nice people.

10) The news gave me daily headaches.¬†It was an election year in the U.S. and the disappointing conclusion to the race means that headaches still exists. But, I’m addicted now so I can’t turn away.

All in all, not a bad end to a good year in my book.

How was your year, not ready to talk about it yet? That’s all right, you’ve still got time to think through the past year and what occurred.

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The things you’re not doing to be well

We like to say that we are “multi-taskers” and are able to do so many things without another thought. Because, productivity is important and stuff. Everyone knows this and it must not be questioned. If you go through a day without being productive you are wasting it, particularly if it is a work day and you should be working. But, what if you are not wasting it. What if you are organizing your thoughts. Albeit, this is an easy way to say that you are slightly lazy but don’t tell that to everyone you know. No one like to hear about your laziness, unless its about pizza. Then continue sharing. The point is here is that there are not enough hours in the day. Especially at this time of year, when the daylight hours are 10 hours or less depending on where you live. This might cause a selection of the population to have Seasonal Affective Disorder (yes, a real thing) in which they hate the season they are in because the weather is so gloomy and the days are short and well it’s rather cold and there are feelings about this ok? Anyway, keep reading for some things you’re missing out on today.

Reading.¬†Did you read a book today? Read or digital? Are you currently reading anything or are you more of a summer reader? No, things you read for work do not count. Really, go to the library and hang out there for like an hour. It’s quiet, warm and you can think. I hear they have a lot of books there too.

Eat real food. If you’re too busy, this can be hard. This can also be hard, if you make it hard but it doesn’t have to be hard to eat vegetables, fruits, and nuts. Not added to anything, not blended into anything. Just as it is. Alright, if you can’t a yogurt parfait would suffice. Also, try for at least three meals a day that are equally spaced out to leave you actually hungry for each meal. This will allow you to eat until you’re full and not overeat. Anyway, try to eat food that is enriching and not processed. (not necessarily raw, organic or any of that.)

Drink water. Honestly, a lot of people seem to be drinking water these days. Good job people! But drink more. Take a 24 oz bottle and drink from it throughout the day. Just because its winter does not mean your body doesn’t need the water. Refresh your system, refresh your body. Feel great.

Lie down.¬†You were probably lying down in bed this morning and that’s where you would rather be, but I have to say this: Just lie down. If your head is exploding with the 55 things you need to do and things you want to do, then just press pause for a minute and lay down. Take some deep breathes. Depending on the time of day, it might not do much to sleep but simply laying down and closing your eyes while breathing deeply can really calm your nerves.

Stretch your fingers.¬†Do it right now. I’m doing this right now. After each sentence. Flex, bend, straight. Flex, bend, straight. Arms to the side and do the same thing, until it aches. This is what everyone that works on a computer everyday need to do but probably does not. You’re hurting you’re wrists and hands, so stretch them out. Prevent damage to them.

Stand up.¬†There are so many opportunities to sit everywhere we go. In the car we sit through traffic, at the doctor we sit in the waiting room, waiting on someone to get ready to sit on our phone, and we sit to eat and watch tv. Stand up for once, then sit back down, then stand back up, then sit back down. Oh, look you just did a mini workout. Keep going, until someone starts looking at you strangely and you’re forced to just stand awkwardly.

Like a slogan from a popular drug-store chain goes: “Be well.”

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A thing (where I make lists)

I’m not great at writing blog posts everyday or at least on a regular schedule. I can try, but it always ends up being some kind of chore at the end of the day. Unless, I make it fun. So, here are five things I like/love and hopefully this will make up for like two weeks.

Organic skincare brands

1) Perfectly Posh

2) 100% Pure

3) Lush

4) Burt’s Bees

5) Petit Vour

(have not actually tried the last two, but they sound good and I can’t think of five.)


1) The Daily Beast

2) The Atlantic

3) Slate

4) Washington Post

5) Chicago Tribune

(not read on a regular basis. I get most of my news by following many news source including these ones on Twitter).


1) Bookcon

2) Chicago TARDIS

3) VidCon

4) TESOL Convention

5) SAJA Conference

Music Festivals (and film)

1) Lollapalooza (one day.)

2) Coachella 

3) Bonnaroo

4) Bunbury Music Festival

5) SxSW

(I will be attending one of these this year, but will not say which!)

Best drink

  1. water
  2. water
  3. lemon water
  4. water
  5. water

Spotify playlists

-Hanging Out and Relaxing

-Boho + Chill

-Keep Calm and Stretch On

-Mood Booster

-Good Vibes

-The Most Beautiful Songs in the World

-Happy Hits!

-Feel Good Indie Rock

-Relax and Unwind

-Rock 360

(It was hard to pick just 5! So I went all in and picked 10. You’re welcome).

5 apps for productivity

  1. Photomath (I wish I had this magic when I was in high school!)
  2. Gmail
  3. Pocket (save stories, media and more to look at later)
  4. Evernote (everyone loves this, but I’ve never tried it. Is it good?)
  5. Clear (does anyone have this? What are your thoughts?)

Lip balm?

-Maybelline Baby Lips

-Perfectly Posh chapsticks

-Burt’s Bees lip balm


-Eos lip balm

YouTubers/Channels you should be watching

*Marina Shut Up (a feminist vlogger)


*The Vlogbrothers (but of course).

*Akilah Hughes

*The Brain Scoop

(and so many more!)

5 awesome smoothies

Alright, I hope you check some of the things above-you might discover something you love!

This post took me awhile to write so next one will be more writing and not lists probably ūüėČ

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cover image of excited 10.

25 things I will still love in the new year (and beyond)

I want to write one last post this year and here it is. I have to get ready because people are coming over to my house for a get together so this is about to be random and rushed but I feel happy (ish) right now so let’s do this.

via GIPHY, as is the one above.


1. Notebooks

2. Books

3. Blogs

4. Eco-friendly living

5. Organic makeup

6. Spotify and its awesome playlists

7. Ability to drive someplace

8. Close relations (family mostly)

9. List-making

10. Organizing/Not being a mess

11. Buzzfeed

12. Climate Change

13. Mars news

14. My camera

15. Tumblr

16. YouTube

17. Haters

18. Trolls

19. Positive quotes

20. Yoga & Pilates

21. Big cities

22. The little adventures (like going to Kohl’s at 10 PM for no reason).

23. Libraries

24. Web Design

25. Healthy living

#17 & 18 were a shout out to those that bring me down. I can’t love you all, but I can try to make a positive out of a negative. Some just popped into my head but whatever life is short. Make lists of things you love.

I’m hoping that this year I get that job I want, move someplace new, meet someone that enchants me, and travel somewhere new. In all, I hope to be happy in whatever I pursue and with whomever I end up with in life.

Happy New Year!