New hopes

It would seem that the world is on the brink of something again. Or maybe it always was and I just decided not to pay attention. Whichever way you look at it, from any angle, there is something turning. A quarter or two might have fallen into the age-old pot of desires and dreams that you think you have.

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You don’t need to resolve to do anything if you can’t resolve why you got out of bed today. The simple things are the easy things that take time to do in everyday life. The things taken for granted which you don’t always think about, but matter so much.

So, ok maybe you don’t make goals. You wonder, though how to better yourself. How to be a better “version” of yourself, as people like to say. How, then to go about adjusting the sails on your thought boat?

Think of it this way: New hopes are not structured like goals might be, making them a bit hazier. So you have new hopes. You have low hopes and you have high hopes, but none of those hope-y things are really goals (at least, not in your mind).

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So it’s likely that you’ll keep hoping and you’ll keep wondering your next step. It’s not something you or I will admit but we have a failure of being brave.

As I watched the Disney film Brave today, I was reminded that it takes courage to say what you want to do and mean it. It takes determination to want to do and be someone different. It might mean stepping outside of your comfort bubble, but when you do you will be more steadfast in your maybe goals for the future. Aren’t Disney movies great? I’m feeling exuberant about nothing and everything.

So, be hopeful. Be watchful. The world is waiting.

Misguided but not worthless

It would seem that people are always going to be misguided in some way. They might say that no, not me. I’m perfect. I’m a shining star. However, at some point or another most all of us have fallen prey to the idea that we could be greater than ourselves, greater than what we can afford to be. It’s not a worthless idea, in fact, its good to have dreams as it keeps the mind healthy and active (source: me). The problem arises when the ideas are not realistic and are set into motion anyway.

Maybe you really like bowling, but you haven’t done it for a while. Whenever you do play, its strikes all around though because you’re just that good. Everyone wants you on their team. They tell you to join a bowling league. You think it could be cool, so why not? is what you ask yourself. So cool, now you’re a bowler. Now what? Basically, you start to think about other things you could be doing that are out of your everyday life. What about quitting your job and becoming a YouTuber? What about traveling to South America, because you have that thing called wanderlust and need to travel, according to some article you read. Of course, you could have the idea that you move to Canada because healthcare is free. All of these ideas and “goals” are based on a logic that you are failing in what you are currently doing. Don’t buy into that. Why?

Because YouTube is hard. Maybe 11 years ago it was cool to start a new channel and be someone big, but now many of the big stars of YouTube have an agent, or contract, or company that they work for. There is also a lot of sponsored content as well. It’s not all bad, though fooling ourselves into believing we will be great stars overnight without a large team behind us may not work out as we hoped. You also don’t need to travel. When we lust after something, that’s just a desire to have that thing in our life. Once it is gone, we move on and seek comfort in the things that we are used to. However, you could also move abroad someplace and dramatically change your life. And Canada? Sure, It’s great, but where are you from? Where is your home and will you find it in Canada? If your answer is not a surefire yes then you have no reason to leave just yet.

So keep on keeping on. Keep up the good fight. Keep the battle strong. All those euphemisms for life. You can do it without the gimmicks, you are your own person.

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Turning onto the Routine Boulevard

I guess I have been busy and summer has passed me by. Goodbye muggy days, goodbye mosquitoes, goodbye long, long days. Who am I kidding, none of those things are going away at least not for awhile. July was the hottest month on record, like ever so I am glad for somewhat cooler weather.

That’s not what this post is about though. The ESL thing is coming along for me. Not, I’m not learning English, I’m teaching. Teaching is such a method that varies from each person. There is no right or wrong way to teach any given lesson, which is something I am learning in my course. I have always been a proponent of education and its exciting and somewhat frightening to realize that I am going to be a part of that. It’s all a learning process.

This has all got me thinking of the risks we’re afraid to take and the things we take for granted because we overthink it.

So no more self-loathing or hating. I want to be more interesting and post more so look for more this month.

Do I make sense? No, well I should get off the internet then. I probably won’t but you can be sure that if I do I’ll be reading a book.

I’m going to share two films trailers that I want to see, not because they’re lgbt or anything but they seem interesting. Some films do this storyline right, others not so much (also Robin Williams). Unfortunately, the latter seems to have gotten bad reviews so eh I don’t know. (I take a good review seriously, because why waste my time otherwise. I can always just watch the Doctor save the world again.)

Also: I can’t/don’t really know how to change the size of YouTube videos put in posts. They seem ginormous, but I suppose they would still be rather large even if I tried to change the size. 

Trying something new-ish

As I’ve probably written on this blog before, I’m still looking for employment somewhere. Trying my best not to lose hope. If nothing else, I’ll volunteer someplace and see what happens. But, it’s May now so onto actually putting some effort into it.

I’m trying this new thing called the vegan easy challenge, though I was going to try the 30-Day Vegan Challege but opted for the first since it was free and it didn’t seem like much of sacrifice. When, I say sacrifice I mean it though because giving up things like dairy and finding vegan baking ideas seems like a much larger task than it seems. There is also hand-delivered meals through 22- Days Nutrition. The truth is stepping away from those vital nutrients can be a bit harder to strangle yourself away from. Since I normally already eat healthfully and do my best to eat clean, I don’t see this as terribly hard minus the no cheese part. But, a part of me is still willing to try. Honestly, if it doesn’t work out now maybe I’ll do the challenge later in life (later, like when I have a job and a home of my home and such). If anything, I’ll probably eat clean and maybe focus on more paleo friendly recipes.

Raspberry and Blueberry Kale Salad (from Driscoll's) Source:
Raspberry and Blueberry Kale Salad (from Driscoll’s)

Quinoa Wrap with black beans, feta, and avocado (not fully vegan but can be mixed around to something similar) from Source:
Quinoa Wrap with black beans, feta, and avocado (not fully vegan but can be mixed around to something similar) from

Recipe from See original post link above.
Recipe from
See original post link above.

Anyway, I’m trying. Also, trying to keep that fitness routine and change it up from time to time. Things I want to do this week include: Signing up for fitness instructor training course (or at the very least getting more info.), signing up for a few classes, giving my time to a local organization. Yeah, I might say this every week and I don’t know if it’s because my sister came back from college for summer but there’s no reason to be doing nothing or at least no wasting time. No more.

If you can’t tell from this post, I do love kale. On that note, if you’re a type who tries anything that celebrities do or say is cool and you maybe like Kendrick Lamar and salad, then try this salad technically named after one of his songs. So, I’m trying out new things I find with kale, because I didn’t always love it heck I may have even been afraid to try it for a while. Whatever, I took the plunge one day and never looked back (sorry for the dramatics there). I don’t hate it though. We’re friends, but not as tight as me and strawbs, those are my fav.



This was kind of a me post, writing some things that might happen and hoping for something else. you were inspired or want to try something new because of this post then yay for you. Maybe I’ll do more posts like these, with food and such. Or maybe I won’t.