Food, music and books

I feel like talking about food. This is a weird thing to want to do, especially considering but alas. I run out of blog ideas rather quickly, but I love to write and the need to keep this thing updated nags at me. It’s not a chore to blog, though but more of a thing that I gotta do. Like, talking to an old friend. That doesn’t talk back. Which is fine really, since most people don’t text me back anyway. So to the internets, I go!

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When it comes to food, there are types of food I like. There are types I do not like. Then there are foods that make me wonder why I bothered to eat them. Is water food? No, but it is when it’s weirdly flavoured (yes, I know not really but stop ruining my post ok). So, food is good when it’s clean, which translates to organic or raw. If it has that handy USDA certified or the GMO project label then it’s all good. The fruits are good. They all have different things they do for your body. The same dealio with vegetables. Then we like to eat carbs and not carbs. But, some carbs are good and some are bad? Yes, this is correct. We eat Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, and noodles. And rice. Then, mac and cheese. There is no particular order to anything, it’s just food and it just goes in your mouth. But, wait you should know where it comes from! Yeah, be an enlightened food eater. That’s called being a foodie, you know. Or something like that.


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There are good kinds, there are terrible kinds. There is country, rock, pop, popcorn, cheese, robots, robots yelling over a lawnmower, robots doing this in a dance club, Flo-Rida, bouncy balls, screaming cats, and soft bells. It’s all music. There is music for Christmas. No not really for other holidays, only Christmas. Research on why is still pending but probably relates to something called holidays and tradition. Like anything else, you either like something or you don’t. Most of us like at least some of that thing called music. We also want everyone to know about our disliked music for some reason also. So music. It’s everywhere. It’s in your ears. In your mind and a part of your everyday.


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All kinds. All genres. Anyone anywhere can pick up a book in any language and just start reading. Lose yourself quite easily within the pages of a book. So many pages to lose yourself (please pick a good book of fair length). In the age of ebooks, audiobooks, and the no-actual reading generation books still exist. They have always been there and will always be there. You can always count on books, just go into some independent bookstore somewhere and walk around. Books are a different kind of magic that some people will feel but only true book-lovers will understand and cherish. I hope that all people feel this at some point in their life (I’ll always feel this way about books, btw). Don’t just read books, love them too.


So if you want to be random, just go ahead and be random. No one is going to tell you that being random is wrong. Because it is not. It is fine as long as you know when to stop the absurdity. Actually, you know what just continue on. Just continue breezing along, my friend. Have a great day.

Thanks for making it down here ­čÖé




The story within the video

Music gives us power. We like to think so anyway as humans. I like music, but some people like to tell me that music is poisoning me. Well, not that exactly but that literal translation will not be given here. Anyway. Music. It can soothe us, make us cry, give us inspiration and the determination to do something. Or at least that’s what we tell ourselves but does that power ballad really mean anything at all if you’re not going to follow up on it? Yeah, sure I get that “Girls run the world” but if you work in a lab that’s hard to say to your likely male boss and co-workers who not only don’t get the reference but are tired of the “feminist” in the office. Ok. whoa. That got a little testy, this is not a post about feminists but about music. Specifically, the stories that music videos can tell. It’s like a mini movie. I bet this is not the direction you thought this post was going in, but rest assured that I have been thinking of writing this one for awhile and I hope that I have made a good list.

Girls like Girls by Hayley Kiyoko.

Maybe you’ve seen this on YouTube or maybe you’ve seen the thumbnail and clicked on something else instead. Likely. One day, I kept seeing it in the related videos so I just clicked to watch and it blew me away. If you want to know a story about a lost, closeted lesbian and her crazy way to finding love watch this. Or just someone trying to find themselves. And yes I realize I just made that sound like a movie trailer.

 Middle by DJ Snake ft. Bipolar Sunshine.

This is one my sister told me to watch the other day. It’s a story of misplaced youth and you already know the song. Plus, Josh Hutcherson.

Genghis Khan by Miike Snow.

This one has a lot of layers. You think you got it, but then you don’t actually. Is it a story of love, military dance parties, or something else entirely? It’s definitely in the future.

Woman Woman by AWOLNATION.

One of the more empowering videos for sure. If you’re not a female you should think carefully about how you treat women and if you already do then great, you don’t get any medal though sorry. If you’re a female you can also watch it and tell others to as well. I may like the song more than the video though.

Hymn for the Weekend by Coldplay.

A bit more philosophical, but who doesn’t love a Coldplay video on a sunny day? There’s even a snip of Queen Bey if you don’t love them but the video is set in India and I think you will like the color.

Bitch Better Have My Money by Rihanna.

If you’ve read a news story about this, you’ll know that this is crazy video and I didn’t love it but still felt like it was powerful enough to include. Plus, there’s gotta be someone who hasn’t seen it yet. If you encounter Rihanna on the street, please do not try to invest with anything with her if you don’t intend to give her da goods. It’s VERY explicit, so if you haven’t seen it and are intent on watching it then you’ll need to sign into Google. I could, but I won’t.

Just Like Fire by P!nk.

Promotional for the new Alice in Wonderland movie, but still a fire song. I thought the lyrics went like: “No one could be like AMA fighters” until the other day.

Cool by Alesso ft. Roy English.

Power to the nerds. And the outcasts. Not great, but still putting it out there. A YouTube commenter made me realize this looks like Steve Jobs (and Wozniak at 2:09). Not really, that is not the intention but we can pretend can’t we?

Love Yourself by Justin Bieber.

Props to the dancers, their dancing is on point.

The Young Blood Chronicles by Fall Out Boy (Long, uncut Version).

Older, but worth a watch whenever you have the chance. Find a snack and settle in to watch the horror/sadness/fandom/blood that is FOB.


A thing (where I make lists)

I’m not great at writing blog posts everyday or at least on a regular schedule. I can try, but it always ends up being some kind of chore at the end of the day. Unless, I make it fun. So, here are five things I like/love and hopefully this will make up for like two weeks.

Organic skincare brands

1) Perfectly Posh

2) 100% Pure

3) Lush

4) Burt’s Bees

5) Petit Vour

(have not actually tried the last two, but they sound good and I can’t think of five.)


1) The Daily Beast

2) The Atlantic

3) Slate

4) Washington Post

5) Chicago Tribune

(not read on a regular basis. I get most of my news by following many news source including these ones on Twitter).


1) Bookcon

2) Chicago TARDIS

3) VidCon

4) TESOL Convention

5) SAJA Conference

Music Festivals (and film)

1) Lollapalooza (one day.)

2) Coachella 

3) Bonnaroo

4) Bunbury Music Festival

5) SxSW

(I will be attending one of these this year, but will not say which!)

Best drink

  1. water
  2. water
  3. lemon water
  4. water
  5. water

Spotify playlists

-Hanging Out and Relaxing

-Boho + Chill

-Keep Calm and Stretch On

-Mood Booster

-Good Vibes

-The Most Beautiful Songs in the World

-Happy Hits!

-Feel Good Indie Rock

-Relax and Unwind

-Rock 360

(It was hard to pick just 5! So I went all in and picked 10. You’re welcome).

5 apps for productivity

  1. Photomath (I wish I had this magic when I was in high school!)
  2. Gmail
  3. Pocket (save stories, media and more to look at later)
  4. Evernote (everyone loves this, but I’ve never tried it. Is it good?)
  5. Clear (does anyone have this? What are your thoughts?)

Lip balm?

-Maybelline Baby Lips

-Perfectly Posh chapsticks

-Burt’s Bees lip balm


-Eos lip balm

YouTubers/Channels you should be watching

*Marina Shut Up (a feminist vlogger)


*The Vlogbrothers (but of course).

*Akilah Hughes

*The Brain Scoop

(and so many more!)

5 awesome smoothies

Alright, I hope you check some of the things above-you might discover something you love!

This post took me awhile to write so next one will be more writing and not lists probably ­čśë

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cover image of excited 10.

The things we lost in the fire

Life’s been life. That doesn’t really say much, but truly sometimes life makes no sense.

I have been writing about random things, but it doesn’t matter because it’s something and I like it. No, not all random things. For instance, national news, stories about people or places, op-eds and such. I think it would be hard for me to be a beat reporter, but whenever I try to be something like a general assignment reporter I am usually turned away. Because I’ve never done court reporting. I have never reported on a meeting, such as a city council or school board meeting. I have not been to meetings so much in general, actually. I’m not really a meeting person, actually. But, if it was asked of me I would do it. Mostly because I would be doing it on assignment and would be getting paid for it. This is the problem I think I have all the time. What to do, what to do is what I think always.

Of course, I just don’t dwell on it (or at least try not to). I’ve come to the conclusion (maybe a hasty one, considering most of my newspaper experience is feature writing) that print newspaper is not what I want to be doing. But, I am not opposed to it and the industry is still thriving and I support that. I also support digital media and the use of multimedia sources. I need more chances to write something else, though. Not that I hate feature type writing, but I’ve never been given the chance to do anything else. I think if given the chance and opportunity I could interview someone and do a good job with it. I remember one time for a journalism class, I interviewed a local real estate agent who also served as the local commissioner. It was awkward and I felt weird for wasting his time (his opinion really did little for what I was doing, but alas I was trying and he was kind enough to see me). It’s probably at that point when I start to think that I might not find a job that I like. That I dream about (what is a dream job anyway?) It’s too hard is what I think, it’s probably not going to happen is the refrain I say everyday. Then, comes the prospect of grad school. Do I want to do it? It is wise to go into something just because one has given up on options? Would I do it otherwise? What would I do with it? I’m thinking of all these things and continued to think them when I applied to various schools for grad school, encouraged by my parents and lack of social life.

It’s a better life, it’s something to bring something else. This is ultimately what I’m telling myself these days, because what else can I do but throw everything in and hope it all turns out alright? Right, nothing left. So, I think I’ll just try to make the best of the worst. I’m going to a school that I already applied to and got in and am going to (yeah, kind of late on the visiting the school part but whatever it’s far away). I don’t know if it’s a good idea or if I should be doing it, but I get the feeling that that I have no other options.

Plus, I have a feeling this (video below) won’t happen unless my heart is in it and I know what the heck I’m supposed to be doing.

Well, that is all for now I suppose. The title of this post is a Bastille song, check them out they are awesome.

Inspiring song of the day (or at least one that is keeping my head up in last few days): The Middle by Jimmy Eat World (I know, old but still the best).