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In general, I’m not against being organized. In fact, I am very much in favor of it. But, if I don’t have a plan for tomorrow or next week, that’s ok (I would much rather be organized and have a plan, but if not I’ll figure it out as I go along). The point being, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with planning your life so extensively.

Or at least in a way that includes your dreams and wishes. Things that you want to do, broken down into specifics. Type it up, add to it often. And if you print it, hang it up somewhere to remind you that you do indeed have goals. Never give up on those goals, because they are keeping you sane. Well, keeping me sane anyway.

The goal for me was to be someone that gets a good job, just like everyone else. However, why just a job when I can have a career? I have to figure out what that career will be, but I have a strong feeling that it will include education. Reporting on education, teaching, and fighting for the kids are what interest me. But, its also not my only interest. I also have a vested interest in health and want to help encourage others to live more healthful lives. Encourage students and others to live a more mindful life, if you will. So, back to education I go. Because at the heart of it, I just want to help people. Make them feel like they can do whatever they want in life if they set their mind to it.

“Children are the future” is a phrase that too many like to say. That’s a lot of pressure on the student. Some are forthright and work hard to get into the best schools, while others would rather spend time analyzing the latest Snapchat filter. The future falls on those who care about the present. It falls on those who are willing to take action to make the world a better, more inclusive place. And yes, future generations will have to live without this guidance but there will always be someone they look up to and who looks up to them. This continues the cycle and grows a society that continues to care about the future world despite their age or income level. Everyone needs to care. Everyone should care.

So, my future is not quite mapped out yet. I’m not latched onto any one place or person just yet and I’m not definite in my career goals. But, that doesn’t mean I don’t have some idea of where I’d like to see myself in the future.

Doing good? Yes, definitely. Always do more than good.

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To write or wander

It’s that time of year again. When a challenge is put out to write a novel in a month and readers, fangirls and fanboys love to take part. There is also of course the aspiring writer or literature enthusiast that loves to try it. It’s something to try it, but if you are writing a novel this month don’t feel too discouraged. Remember that there is plenty of advice and writing circles to join probably near you so you don’t have to be so alone in the writing process. Because if there’s one thing I know: Writing is lonely.

Depending on experience (or no experience) with what you’re writing about, you’re mostly alone in the effort. There is no way around this fact. Sure, there are plenty of coaches that are authors and feel your pain that you reach out to. Most importantly, the networking is there you just have to respond to that email instead of ignoring it. If you’re writing this month, take advantage of the resources. I don’t always though.

Because this year, I can’t seem to get into the writing mood. I could go write outside in the air, but then I just want to go for a walk instead. Let me paint you a picture:

The air is cold on my face and the breeze is not too cool and not too hot. Temperate. I walk by kids throwing a plastic water bottle (filled) against the side of a building as the water sloshes onto the sidewalk. I pass by probably their mother sitting nearby reading a book. I keep walking on, then turner the corner towards my car. I don’t really mind this weather. There are leaves blowing, but not that many to annoy me. There are some that still need to be crunched and I do so happily. I like writing, but I don’t like November. I don’t like sitting inside and forcing myself to write instead of walking outside.

But, I’m still sort of doing it. Because I am a writer. Steadfastly, but I am. I will persist regardless of how hard.

Best advice: Write where there is light.

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On seeking the good news

Hello world!

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I like thinking that people are good. And somehow finding things that remind me that they are good. Now, sure there are plenty more bad stories in the news than there are good, but just try to weed out the good and you’ll find a gem somewhere.

No really, I’m not just talking about reading things on Upworthy though that is a good site filled with good sense. Sometimes its the small stories about a kid that rescued a dog that was dying or a grandfather that tells an emotional story of his life making you realize that you take life for granted. Your local news has more feature stories than you think and they are largely uninteresting, but exciting to the person(s) being featured so always give them a quick spotlight if you can. Everyone needs a little love sometimes.

I was a feature reporter for a hot minute once (I don’t really say that phrase, because like how hot was that 60 seconds supposed to be anyway?) and wrote mostly about pets, people and their dogs. Dog groomers mostly, some art shows, an pro-life rally (which I didn’t end attending but talked with the organizer which was enough for a short blurb). Most of my interviews are done via phone call. I very seldom did things in person, because I didn’t live in the same place (I was 45 min away) and so I commuted. I thought the experience was a fairly fulfilling one though and one that I won’t forget. But, I wish I was more forthright and spoke up more. Basically, I wish I did more in-person interviews. That’s where the real gold conversations and photos are likely to occur.

But, since I no longer do this. I can say that reading local feature stories reminds me of the reporter that I was. But, a better version.

So step outside of your Twitter filled with political angst and refrain from commenting any further. Instead, think about seeking out good. Any piece of media that reminds you what it means to be human. What it means to be imperfect. And then you will inevitably smile because you know that no one or nothing can take this feeling away (unless you let them, and you won’t! 😉

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Be greater than mellow

These days include me facing a predicament that is not the life or death kind, but is certainly one that reminds me why I am one of those people that writes online.

Because writing reminds me that I don’t have to be able to do it all in one day. Along with letting me know that I am not alone. There is a whole community out there of dedicated writers that are a constant source of encouragement anytime I need it. Or you need it! I hope you know that feeling lost and alone is only part of the struggle, but it doesn’t you don’t have to be the only one either.

The spectacular online writing event is only a month away now and I would be a fool not to participate, but its hard to do such a thing when you want to do so many other things. I can’t be alone in feeling this way about writing. Like you want to write, but its not your everything kind of feeling. But you must bring honor to your hometown too and be a bestselling writer somehow, even its by accident which is all the more awesome.

So, maybe you’re having an off day. Maybe you’re having a great day. Maybe hump day always brings you down regardless of the situation. Whatever. You need to know that you are worth something. That you are not a piece of furniture that someone can just throw out as they please and you are not a book that can be returned. You are for keeps and if no one else can see that then you’re losing your greatest faith and comrade: Yourself.

So, I’m cheered up. I’m doing alright. Maybe I gotta face some tough decisions soon but I’ll get there and whatever you have going on-you will too. Consciously.

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What gets me lost in the feeling of calm

I’m going to go ahead and say that you’re either working right now or on vacation. Maybe neither, maybe you’re half-asleep on your floor. That’s cool too. I feel like going out on a limb and saying that you’re probably waiting for something. Maybe a message of some sort? A secret package you know will never come? I sound like a bad fortune teller, but really I want to escape someplace. Just to feel free and not think about crap of everyday life for a bit. Ya feel? I bet you do. Here are things that get me lost in that feeling.

Yoga flow

I love yoga but I’m no expert and while I just completed my 18 hour teacher training, I still don’t see it as something I love but more just as something I do. I don’t know. It’s just a thing, I don’t always think about it.


I’m not sure why I’m adding this to this list thing. I feel comforted looking at my explores and seeing all the things that are weird, happy, pretty, and awesome that apparently I love. It’s possible that I put it here because I’m thinking about getting on right now.


Did you know that many people are low in Magnesium? It is true and they lay blame for a lot of random things like headaches, sore eyes and muscle pains among others. I’ve become into epsom salts (which are not salt at all) which contain Mg and soaks with them are a good way to absorb this.

Good plots

Not always in a book, but a long reads piece saved in my Pocket App or something. Things written with a good hook and flow with a good narrative will get me to start reading but if the story becomes dull then I can stop reading. You must keep my attention this is the internet age!

Julep nail polish

Mostly because they’re vegan and no I’m not vegan. But I was for a week which I blogged about like a year ago. But I want to be again one day, but that will probably come when I live alone and am in a good place in my life. But, back to the nail polish. It’s bright and vivid and expensive and I love it.

Cassey Ho

The days which I decide not to do a Blogilates workout but then do it anyway are too many. But, I love her because of her positivity, her energy and her laughter. Some people find this annoying and her cheerfulness the worst ever. But, while I can see how this may be so for some I wish I knew her in real life. Don’t worry, I will meet her one day. Until then, she is my personal cheerleader that I work out with almost every day if not daily.


Because I like things around my wrist. If its a rubber band supporting a cause I believe in then all the more great. Plus, my hand and wrist appreciate something on them. (except for now, when I am writing). I still love jangly, sparkly, silvery, and rubber things on my hand. It’s part of me.


All the better if its free. But, since gum is so addictive, it gets your mouth moving and head thinking while you read or write things. So gum, maybe mints but mostly gum. 5 or Stride if we’re being specific. Always on hand if on an airplane.


I haven’t and don’t really do this anymore. Mostly because this blog exists but I have a lot of pretty journals that I don’t write in. They’re waiting for me, I know. So, journals. Things I love to collect and sometimes write in. There for the reminder.




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Finally ran with you

She sighed, she had made it another mark closer. The red benches meant she was getting closer to the barrier, which meant she was getting closer to the next throng of water people. It was exciting. In terms of how far there was actually left? Maybe five miles, probably more.

Carrie doesn’t know what made her want to run a marathon in the first place. She’s pretty sure it was her uncle, an avid runner and a guy who had run several marathons himself before reaching his breaking point and going too hard one day. He injured both his calves and ankles and this put him out of any racing for at least 9 months. Until Carrie started complaining about not finding a workout she could stay with. Then he jumped in with the running and almost got her hooked until she stopped after only one month.

She hated running. Why would anyone want to run in the first place? To cry about how they hurt everywhere? Why run when you can bike? When you can walk? Why are we even running? And don’t say for the cardio or the endorphin rush, there are other ways to achieve both. And yet, she still did it.

Because it gave her a way to let out her frustrations. Just by running some laps, she felt better. It was strange but she began to see exactly what her uncle meant. She even tried to get others into running but gave up upon realizing her arguments for joining were not very convincing. But Carrie knew the running community was supposed to be super supportive. At least that’s what she had heard. From numerous sources and well, the internet mostly. And her uncle.

One breezy October day, her uncle suggested to her that she sign up for a marathon with him. He was going to do a half one for charity in December. She sighed and closed her eyes, “Nope” and went back to creeping people on Instagram and Facebook. Like, why? Really, why? I’m actually starting to enjoy running, why would I want to add running a marathon (half or not) into the mix?

That was two years ago. Her uncle didn’t stop trying to get her to run one with him, but he didn’t force her either. When Carrie got a new job at a law firm, that took up all her time and she stopped running. Her friends suggested yoga which she tried for awhile, but she was never able to focus and let her mind stay at ease. She started taking walks any chance she could to clear her head.

By September, Carrie realizes she wants more than anything to travel and the person she wants to do that with is her uncle. Her uncle says he will do this for her of course, if only she will run with him somewhere (he gave up marathons because his legs finally reached their breaking point, he does of course still run when he can and is active in the running community despite this). She hesitates, it has been awhile. She knows that she will probably travel either way.

Four months later, in the early hours of New Years Day her uncle is killed in a drunk driving crash. The driver of the other car was not only intoxicated, but texting as well. Her uncle was driving back to his house 10 minutes away after spending New Year’s with Carrie and her family and friends. They begged him to stay the night, as it was nearly 1 AM anyway but he left saying he did actually have work in the morning. He is an ambulance driver. Despite many protests, her uncle left promising each of them that he would call once he reached home. He never called.

It was a mistake that Carrie thinks about as she holds her breath through the agonizing pain. Her legs are throbbing and her face is red, her hair is a mess and there is sweat through her brows, her thighs and everywhere else. She smells terrible and is sore.

Her mom sees her and runs to give her a bottle of water while giving her a hug. Her dad does the same, followed by her siblings and cousins. This is a moment. She barely even glances at the medal that is placed around her neck, but reaches instead to the pin on her headband: “Uncle Rich, I finally ran with you!” next to a smiling photo of him running this same race.



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A writing goal

So this week I’m going to write something creative in this blog every day. I’m writing this now, so I know to do it. It takes some effort to get on sometimes, but we all need to put in the effort for the things we love.


Classy as hell.

She walked with a gait that reminded me of how much I dislike her. It’s nothing personal and its nothing exciting either. She started dating the guy I told her I was crushing on, the guy SHE helped me to talk to and build my confidence to ask out only to be shot down because he had a girlfriend. Who happened to be someone I thought was my friend. So, that was the end of that friendship. I’d like to say it went down a little smoother, but I won’t lie and say things are all good now because they are very much not.

I am failing to keep any job I get and she is getting promotion after promotion. I shouldn’t say why I think this is, but I’ll say why I think this is: Trevor-the chief operating officer for the department. Oh, you thought this was high school? No, I wish it was so that I could graduate from this place but no. I worked hard to get here and I sure as hell am not giving it up so easily. The city I mean, the city of angels. I came from a small town in the Midwest and I don’t have a lot right now and I gave up a lot to come here. Making friends was always hard and when I met “her, ” I knew I had someone to talk to about personal matters. Or so I thought.

Not to say that this is a showdown or something and thank God I don’t work in fashion, but I need to find my own way to stay afloat. If you have any ideas or tips leave them for me in an email and I’ll probably consider it as long as it does not involve me moving back to Ohio, buying a dog, throwing out the dog, killing someone, or faking my own death. All very dramatic, but that’s not what I’m looking for.

Let me give you an idea of who I am. My name is Annie West. I graduated from Case Western with a double major in English and screenwriting. After working for one year, I decided to take a chance and move to my dream city of LA. I worked in a coffeeshop along with working at the advertising firm I was at. Rent was too high and I was miserable at a job I didn’t even really like, I realized the dream was falling apart. After 9 months, I was already thinking I made a mistake and deciding to move back. But, through all those tears I still applied to media, arts and writing jobs in hopes of landing something worthwhile. I did. Only one week later, I heard back from ABC Studios offering me the job as assistant writer for general productions. I was stunned. I took it and then moved on to work as staff writer for a new show that led me to work with a great group of people. And where I met Trevor.

Now Trevor is your average earnest type of guy. He holds back at first, but when you get to know him he is super talkative. I got to this stage fairly quickly I guess because I’m easy to talk to. Someone else also liked Trevor and I told myself never to utter her name again but here it is: “Ellen.” I use quotation marks because I recently saw her in a social media ad for ABC and her name is captioned as Carrie-Ann. I thought at first she had a twin, then realized no. No she does not. She is an only child. Anyway, sorry to get sidetracked by fake people but like I said Trevor did get sidetracked by her. Nothing really happened with me and Trevor anyway, but I hoped that he liked me enough.

I was wrong obviously. And that hurt. I hadn’t opened myself up in awhile. And Trevor was not the kind person I thought he was which was unfortunate.

Let me fast forward to this year, Trevor had been working hard as assistant to the director and somehow he is nominated for COO for the screen team (that’s what we call ourselves ok, we’re nerds). He gets it and is overwhelmed but hey he’s a big-shot now. He’s still with whatever her name is and I hope they’re both happy that they both ruined what I thought would be the best experience into a job I hated and had to quit late last year.

I’m working at a restaurant now and hoping for a break that will be better than the first time around.

Screenwriting is what I love doing most. I just need the inspiration to create something great. Hey wait..