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Civically minded

It’s that time again when everyone around you is lazying themselves up for the “end” of the year. Or perhaps, taking stock of what they have put in layaway in Wal-Mart. It’s just a moody time of year.


If you’re American, then you should be registered to vote. Yup, you still have to vote this year. What is the deadline to register in your state? It could be this week. It could be today. Don’t delay check your voter status here right now:

I hope you take a few moments to do that if you have not already. Now, take the pledge to actually vote instead of just thinking about it. You can read about your elected and currently running officials. You can donate if you would like and you can volunteer your time with a campaign that you think deserves a win. Or possibly all you care about is the school board or judicial elections in your local city or region. That’s alright. Remember, that your only voice is through that ballot. Unfortunately, many do not take the time (or even care) to read about their elected or running officials. I do not mean simply at the local level, I mean at the Senate level. Who is your senator? Who is your governor? What about your state representative? Know who these people are and be aware of their standpoint or issues.

You can also vote by absentee ballot. Each state also has deadlines for this as well, maybe this could be cutting it close or maybe you have loads of time (you will use the latter as an excuse and forget, but let me persuade you to open another tab and do it right now!) but in some way you know its there but its not easily understood. At least that’s what you think. The truth is none of this is hard and if you’re holding back because of your lack of a viable id, then head to your local DMV and see what they can do for you. You can apply for an id card, though now is probably the time to do it as it likely takes time to process a card. If you are a student I wish I could say you could vote with your student id but in most cases, you cannot and need something more than that. In the state I am in, though I recognize this is not the same in all states, a voter id card must have one’s photo and be issued by the state. These are the two main requirements. In most cases it is similar but stipulations persist.

I hope that if you can vote, you will. I hope that you find out today if you are registered to vote. No more waiting. No more wasted time.

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The Women Club

The world has come a long way. And then it hasn’t. In terms of war, global poverty, and economic tensions they all follow history before them in their respective country. In terms of how people are treated, including women and children it has not improved in many places. But, it is an era in which these groups have a voice that they may never have had before. It’s a truth that is not always universally acknowledged that a good woman will not be as important as the man she marries unless she fights hard for herself.

As women, we no doubt have many roles. Multiple personalities at times. Sure the feminists made Barbie have curves and different skin color, but what about real people? For others, the pain is still there no matter what filter or edit they use on Instagram. What kind of pain? The pain of knowing they will never be good enough. Never be able to carry on with their male coworkers, because the struggle is not the same for them. Girl clubs are either inclusive or not, there is no in between. And oftentimes, some women are not sure if they fit into the feminist club or the feminism club.

It’s not wrong to be unsure about either. I call myself a feminist, but I don’t know if I am most days. I’m not doing any sort of protesting, not standing up for my gender, and not calling out any males that don’t treat women as they should be treated. But, I have been harassed on the street. This seems to be a common phenomenon that women everywhere have been experiencing for years. Recently, more people are making videos of it though and putting it online where it goes viral and sparks a conversation. But, nothing happens. Because what people don’t see in all their determination to show people the slimy guys on the streets is that slimy guys do not care. The men that do see these videos are the so-called “good” guys or those that have been blessed with a great woman in their life to change their prior perspectives. A welcome relief obviously. So, it continues on. Amongst different cultures, men lead the pack and the head of the family. If he has an opinion on your dress, you will take it. This is not everywhere, but what I’m trying to say is that the Alpha Male is getting bigger as we move into the new year. For reasons related to politics and how race led to a boiling point for some.

Males are needed in society, sure. But, we as women still need to be conscious of where we stand when it comes to men at the center of this society. They don’t have to rule everything. As said numerous times over there needs to be more women in STEM, more women in agriculture, more women in biotechnology, more women in ocean science, more women in principal positions (at schools and corporations), and more women as heads in the music and entertainment industries. So a long way to go. It starts as early as middle school for an interest in these subjects to take place. Of course, this requires a change in educational objectives and core standards which are improving in many places already.

So, my ladies out there. You are worth it. You should always do your best, but know that if you can do better than your best than do it. Keep walking and do not engage with those that call out to you on the street. You don’t need to be viral right now, you need to be stronger.

So, today is Martin Luther King Jr. Day by the way. It’s my favorite day in the beginning of the year (yes better than Valentine’s Day) because it is dedicated to a person that fought for people. For human rights, for racial equality and for the chance to give his children a future that does not include the ‘n’ word slurred to them. That lets women and children, black and whites, think about themselves in America and why they deserve to be American just as much as anyone else.

So, yes. You deserve to be alive. If you made it all the way down here, then I thank you and I ask that you be happy in this moment.


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Crazyness and politics

Oh hello there blog.

Yeah, it has been a busy month to say the least. I will now do my best to get back into a regular routine of writing, list-making, and posting things. I’m feeling a bit disorganized currently and there is actually something else that I should be doing right now instead of this but I randomly took a look at the blog and realized it has been one month since anything has happened on here. It feels longer and it probably has been since I write posts a day or so before they are set to post. This is being written on a warm Saturday evening for example. Anyway, I’m going to make this short and say a few things I want to say.

Everyone is going crazy. No, you’re not crazy? I beg to differ. Because you see we spend so much of our time online and very little trying to interact and when we do we need to watch a video tutorial on how to do this first. Not all of us still, but those that are considering themselves “normal” (spoiler: no one is normal- no one really knows what that is) are thinking about what it means to connect and how to unwind and how to stop all the political thinking from clouding their heads all while trying to be a Vine star when you are not anywhere near 17 so you go crazy too. But not too crazy because then you couldn’t read this blog and get your sense back right?

Simple enough. Ok how about politics in the general climate of things? Wherever you live, a political campaign cannot survive if there is no platform, no support, and no social campaign. It is also helpful if there is outreach, community understanding, some type of healing, wisdom for the ages, and healthy skepticism as well. The Merriam-Webster definition of politics goes down like this: “activities that relate to influencing the actions and policies of a government or getting and keeping power in a government” ;”the work or job of people (such as elected officials) who are part of a government” ; “the opinions that someone has about what should be done by governments : a person’s political thoughts and opinions.” Basically, these are all the things we see everyday on tv and the internet. The last one there though encompasses really anyone running for any type of office anywhere, but mostly an executive office like president or prime minister.

Doge man is angry about it.

It’s entirely possibly that I don’t know where I’m going with this and now this post is going to fall of a cliff. But, the point is “yes, you’re great. You’re insanely great even but would I vote for you if you don’t care about my opinion or that of others? No.”

Have a terribly wonderful day.