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You don’t want it, you need it.

Oh hey. Didn’t see ya there. Were you looking for someone specific? Your dignity or sanity maybe? It’s not here, but if you’re wandering aimlessly trying to find it, I hope you end up in the right direction soon. That could be disastrous for you.


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I hope you passed that last exam. Was it a difficult one? I bet it gave you stomach cramps and now you want to throw up just thinking about it. I get it. I really don’t, but I’m trying to be supportive here ok. Ok, cool. Before that hard thing you just did, what was something you did that made you so happy you cry thinking about it? Anything come to mind? If nothing, you’re not letting your mind relax. So, do me a favor and count to thirty-five. With your eyes closed and if possible with a wet towel upon your forehead. A face-cloth or whatever also works. Try it and then reload the data of the good memories. See what comes rushing back. Maybe nothing, which is fine you at least let yourself breathe for a moment.

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Now wake up again, because your neighbors need you. The neighborhood that you grew up in is in ramshackle shape, but you’re trying to “rise above.” Or whatever that means. Maybe you have found great success, but its possible you’re still plugging away at trying to be a more sane version of yourself. Have you found a way there yet? Lend a rope to those suffering. Lend a hand to those in your own area that you overlook. Those that seem to be where they are because of circumstance. You then have to remind yourself, quite swiftly of how you are part of that neighborhood. There is no “I used to live here” mentality when there is a problem. Be willing to help your comrades, those that need you when you least expect them to. Maybe you need them to. Maybe you don’t know what you need, but sometimes what you don’t want is exactly what you need.

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In the moments of heartache and in the moments of true pain, that is when we feel our worst. When you think you’ve reached your final stand, look around and remember that the happy moments come in small packages. Feel joy in understanding that you are giving back life. You are giving those that need it, the home that they lost for so long. The feeling that everything is lost, but somehow faith holds strong. You can be that hand to hold. You can be that strong light. Even if you don’t know how,¬†cry out with them together. Cry it out with them together.

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Pain demands to be felt*

It’s hard to feel connected to moments that are not a part of your own life. It’s also hard to pretend that you don’t care at all. If you describe yourself with any of the following adjectives then you have it in your heart to feel, it doesn’t matter what you just have the need to feel.*













And so many others, that might not even describe personality but actually temperament. It doesn’t actually matter, take a step back and close your eyes. Really, close your eyes and count to ten, maybe twenty.

I hope you actually did that, but for those reading on a mobile device or simply scrolling through a random blog post remember that you can feel. That your experiences and memories are valid and what you feel matters.

I’m not going to be the one to lie and say it will all get better with time because it won’t. It will get worse before it gets better. You wonder what that means and then someone reminds you of it with a terror attack somewhere or a shooting somewhere else and racial disparity in other places. Then, you start to think about things in context because we’re all from different places and every place has its own rituals, its own customs, its own people, and its own busy-ness. But, no. Everyone is the same in their suffering.

If you want to help ease all the suffering in the world, all the heartache then the best thing is to give money to a charitable cause if you are able to. If not, then continue to spread hope online. It’s all you can do in a non-violent way, while also encouraging peace and realization that emotions are felt by all.

I have an idea for an interesting new blog devoted to writing about social issues. If you have unique ideas for what I should write about there comment down below.

*From The Fault in Our Stars by John Green. Full quote: “That’s the thing about pain, it demands to be felt.”
*Have the need to feel strongly about terrible, terrible events because (and I’m assuming here) you are person with real and honest feelings.