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To write or wander

It’s that time of year again. When a challenge is put out to write a novel in a month and readers, fangirls and fanboys love to take part. There is also of course the aspiring writer or literature enthusiast that loves to try it. It’s something to try it, but if you are writing a novel this month don’t feel too discouraged. Remember that there is plenty of advice and writing circles to join probably near you so you don’t have to be so alone in the writing process. Because if there’s one thing I know: Writing is lonely.

Depending on experience (or no experience) with what you’re writing about, you’re mostly alone in the effort. There is no way around this fact. Sure, there are plenty of coaches that are authors and feel your pain that you reach out to. Most importantly, the networking is there you just have to respond to that email instead of ignoring it. If you’re writing this month, take advantage of the resources. I don’t always though.

Because this year, I can’t seem to get into the writing mood. I could go write outside in the air, but then I just want to go for a walk instead. Let me paint you a picture:

The air is cold on my face and the breeze is not too cool and not too hot. Temperate. I walk by kids throwing a plastic water bottle (filled) against the side of a building as the water sloshes onto the sidewalk. I pass by probably their mother sitting nearby reading a book. I keep walking on, then turner the corner towards my car. I don’t really mind this weather. There are leaves blowing, but not that many to annoy me. There are some that still need to be crunched and I do so happily. I like writing, but I don’t like November. I don’t like sitting inside and forcing myself to write instead of walking outside.

But, I’m still sort of doing it. Because I am a writer. Steadfastly, but I am. I will persist regardless of how hard.

Best advice: Write where there is light.

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Quiet time is my favorite time

It’s been awhile. But, I tend to forget about writing posts in advance and just go with it. Should I stop doing that? Yeah, I should probably write up some posts and schedule them up. I need some ideas, but I’ve also got some ideas for posts that could be longer in nature.

I’m also sort-of doing nanowrimo, but I don’t really care about making the end goal of 50,000 words just as long as I remember to write at least something. Yeah, the story doesn’t make sense but whatever. Then, there’s the online class I’m doing which just pushed the course load up in the last few weeks (like I have nothing else going on). But, right now this is “the me”¬†writing time and I love it.


There is no point to this post exactly, but maybe I need more friends? I’m working on that one. However, making and cultivating those lasting relationships could take a little more effort. I want to be able to find someone who I not only get along with, but want to hang out with. I do realize though that at the end of the day it will still just be me. Hanging out with myself. Reading a book, writing, or watching a tv show. Quiet time is my favorite time.

Would it be safe to assume that many bloggers are not the biggest talkers anyway? Well, not all but most. I should do more book posts or at least make a better book blog. Anything to get me writing. However, I want to talk about the issues that matter too. Like, race. Or, what is normal? I’m interested in the subjects of: Many things. Mostly, I want to be able to have a dialogue online. Yes, I can write a post on medium and yes I might just do that. But, who am I that matters? At this point that is not relevant because while my voice is small it does matter.


So, books for the rest of the week or at least that’s what I’ll say right now.