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What gets me lost in the feeling of calm

I’m going to go ahead and say that you’re either working right now or on vacation. Maybe neither, maybe you’re half-asleep on your floor. That’s cool too. I feel like going out on a limb and saying that you’re probably waiting for something. Maybe a message of some sort? A secret package you know will never come? I sound like a bad fortune teller, but really I want to escape someplace. Just to feel free and not think about crap of everyday life for a bit. Ya feel? I bet you do. Here are things that get me lost in that feeling.

Yoga flow

I love yoga but I’m no expert and while I just completed my 18 hour teacher training, I still don’t see it as something I love but more just as something I do. I don’t know. It’s just a thing, I don’t always think about it.


I’m not sure why I’m adding this to this list thing. I feel comforted looking at my explores and seeing all the things that are weird, happy, pretty, and awesome that apparently I love. It’s possible that I put it here because I’m thinking about getting on right now.


Did you know that many people are low in Magnesium? It is true and they lay blame for a lot of random things like headaches, sore eyes and muscle pains among others. I’ve become into epsom salts (which are not salt at all) which contain Mg and soaks with them are a good way to absorb this.

Good plots

Not always in a book, but a long reads piece saved in my Pocket App or something. Things written with a good hook and flow with a good narrative will get me to start reading but if the story becomes dull then I can stop reading. You must keep my attention this is the internet age!

Julep nail polish

Mostly because they’re vegan and no I’m not vegan. But I was for a week which I blogged about like a year ago. But I want to be again one day, but that will probably come when I live alone and am in a good place in my life. But, back to the nail polish. It’s bright and vivid and expensive and I love it.

Cassey Ho

The days which I decide not to do a Blogilates workout but then do it anyway are too many. But, I love her because of her positivity, her energy and her laughter. Some people find this annoying and her cheerfulness the worst ever. But, while I can see how this may be so for some I wish I knew her in real life. Don’t worry, I will meet her one day. Until then, she is my personal cheerleader that I work out with almost every day if not daily.


Because I like things around my wrist. If its a rubber band supporting a cause I believe in then all the more great. Plus, my hand and wrist appreciate something on them. (except for now, when I am writing). I still love jangly, sparkly, silvery, and rubber things on my hand. It’s part of me.


All the better if its free. But, since gum is so addictive, it gets your mouth moving and head thinking while you read or write things. So gum, maybe mints but mostly gum. 5 or Stride if we’re being specific. Always on hand if on an airplane.


I haven’t and don’t really do this anymore. Mostly because this blog exists but I have a lot of pretty journals that I don’t write in. They’re waiting for me, I know. So, journals. Things I love to collect and sometimes write in. There for the reminder.




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The things we lost in the fire

Life’s been life. That doesn’t really say much, but truly sometimes life makes no sense.

I have been writing about random things, but it doesn’t matter because it’s something and I like it. No, not all random things. For instance, national news, stories about people or places, op-eds and such. I think it would be hard for me to be a beat reporter, but whenever I try to be something like a general assignment reporter I am usually turned away. Because I’ve never done court reporting. I have never reported on a meeting, such as a city council or school board meeting. I have not been to meetings so much in general, actually. I’m not really a meeting person, actually. But, if it was asked of me I would do it. Mostly because I would be doing it on assignment and would be getting paid for it. This is the problem I think I have all the time. What to do, what to do is what I think always.

Of course, I just don’t dwell on it (or at least try not to). I’ve come to the conclusion (maybe a hasty one, considering most of my newspaper experience is feature writing) that print newspaper is not what I want to be doing. But, I am not opposed to it and the industry is still thriving and I support that. I also support digital media and the use of multimedia sources. I need more chances to write something else, though. Not that I hate feature type writing, but I’ve never been given the chance to do anything else. I think if given the chance and opportunity I could interview someone and do a good job with it. I remember one time for a journalism class, I interviewed a local real estate agent who also served as the local commissioner. It was awkward and I felt weird for wasting his time (his opinion really did little for what I was doing, but alas I was trying and he was kind enough to see me). It’s probably at that point when I start to think that I might not find a job that I like. That I dream about (what is a dream job anyway?) It’s too hard is what I think, it’s probably not going to happen is the refrain I say everyday. Then, comes the prospect of grad school. Do I want to do it? It is wise to go into something just because one has given up on options? Would I do it otherwise? What would I do with it? I’m thinking of all these things and continued to think them when I applied to various schools for grad school, encouraged by my parents and lack of social life.

It’s a better life, it’s something to bring something else. This is ultimately what I’m telling myself these days, because what else can I do but throw everything in and hope it all turns out alright? Right, nothing left. So, I think I’ll just try to make the best of the worst. I’m going to a school that I already applied to and got in and am going to (yeah, kind of late on the visiting the school part but whatever it’s far away). I don’t know if it’s a good idea or if I should be doing it, but I get the feeling that that I have no other options.

Plus, I have a feeling this (video below) won’t happen unless my heart is in it and I know what the heck I’m supposed to be doing.

Well, that is all for now I suppose. The title of this post is a Bastille song, check them out they are awesome.

Inspiring song of the day (or at least one that is keeping my head up in last few days): The Middle by Jimmy Eat World (I know, old but still the best).