Wide open no-goals

I’m gearing up for a transition. It’s probably a major transition but it hasn’t really hit me yet. It’s one that I’m mentally preparing for by telling myself to do all the things and go to the places I want to go to now. There is no time like the present, after all. The thing is that the idea of an uncertain future is catching up to me. Hard.


Sure, we all want those experiences but what if we fail at the other things? “Experience” doesn’t matter if there is nowhere to show them off. Nowhere to go, no one to tell of our great achievements. Finding an audience that cares about what you’re going through is not always easy though. Maybe that audience will always be your family, which is not what you want if you aim to move up in your success. Connections from family can sometimes work, but outside¬†connections work in your favour so much better. What’s the back-up plan? Make at least seven. Don’t lean into a dream that will shatter you because if you want it so bad, the likelihood that it will not come true for you is higher. Sorry, but this is a reality. Sometimes not all the stars line up, but instead create obstacles in your path that push you into feeling rejected. We all get to this place every once in a while. Some of us only once, some many times.

Think broadly. Don’t worry about the failure, because it will happen. Focus on the good feelings and what you need will come into place.


Paperbacks & Magazine Covers

My life is so full of nothing. It’s incredibly wonderful to want something and dream about it and then have those dreams realized. After a while though, one realizes that few if any of those dreams will come to fruition. I guess, what I’m saying is that I’m hoping to find my way in this messed up world.

For example, do people become leaders or is leadership something that is just thrust upon a person? It’s hard to say, but it’s probably not hard to make a good person want to do good. Then there are the people who try to do good, then get called out for it because it’s not what society wants or needs. Or what people in a certain region or country expect. Beyond the expected expectations, if you will. I’m talking about a young girl named Malala Yousafzai. She has changed the way people look at girls education and taking away the power from under the Taliban. Yea, that Malala. Some people love her, alright most people only love her from what they see. And what they see is a girl trying to change education for girls in parts of Pakistan. It also brings to light the power of the feministic voice in her. Now, I love her for all the same reasons. But, I also think people need to know that girls in Pakistan are not deprived of school. They go to school. They learn things and in today’s world, more are reaching higher and working to break barriers and working in jobs like medicine, law, engineering, and other science related fields. Girls in the Swat Valley, in the Kyber-Pakhtunkwa Province do go to school and some have criticized Malala’s father for using her achievements and recognition to show a province which not all believe is correct. A New York Times article mentions that Malala’s father, who is a school owner himself and an activist, can “drum up publicity and… malign Pashtun culture and overshadowing the good work of other Pakistanis in education.”

So, what do I think of Malala? Of people wanting to make a change and make their voice heard? I think they are great. I understand the sentiments of those in her region, because I think they feel as though all her praise (though hugely positive) is sometimes unwarranted. Really, she didn’t that nobel prize because the people that she wanted to inspire are already inspired. She has already captivated a world audience with her calm words on education, speaking recently in interviews. She is bold and she is calm. One day she will go far and reach her dreams because she believes in the persistence of education.

So, with this I leave a small thought. Are we all born leaders or are we followers? Do we want to achieve greatness or is that just something we see on the cover of a magazine. Sometimes in school, the question might be asked whether one is a follower or a leader. I am pretty sure there is a born leader in all of us, though we all follow a path to guide us along towards our own dreams.

Read a book, pick up a magazine. Read world events. Don’t get distracted by things that don’t matter, because when you see something that speaks to you will run out and grab it faster than you can say “what’s that.”

My life is full of people and interesting things. I read to learn. I read to know more. I think that if you want to be someone great, maybe like Malala, maybe not (probably not, since the chances are low that you live in a place where education for everyone is prized because education is taken for granted).

Your life is what you make it. This post was too long. Go read something else, now and let your brain take you somewhere.