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Wide open no-goals

I’m gearing up for a transition. It’s probably a major transition but it hasn’t really hit me yet. It’s one that I’m mentally preparing for by telling myself to do all the things and go to the places I want to go to now. There is no time like the present, after all. The thing is that the idea of an uncertain future is catching up to me. Hard.


Sure, we all want those experiences but what if we fail at the other things? “Experience” doesn’t matter if there is nowhere to show them off. Nowhere to go, no one to tell of our great achievements. Finding an audience that cares about what you’re going through is not always easy though. Maybe that audience will always be your family, which is not what you want if you aim to move up in your success. Connections from family can sometimes work, but outside¬†connections work in your favour so much better. What’s the back-up plan? Make at least seven. Don’t lean into a dream that will shatter you because if you want it so bad, the likelihood that it will not come true for you is higher. Sorry, but this is a reality. Sometimes not all the stars line up, but instead create obstacles in your path that push you into feeling rejected. We all get to this place every once in a while. Some of us only once, some many times.

Think broadly. Don’t worry about the failure, because it will happen. Focus on the good feelings and what you need will come into place.