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The Creative Post (kinda)

The teddy bear she’s holding is losing its fuzz, but she clings tightly to it nonetheless. It’s kind of meaningless how she does this, but she knows how they can’t even begin to comprehend what it means to lose someone so close and so loving even as you lie next to someone who you love now, but don’t really know why as it reminds you of the past.

The fuzz is soft.


I recently met someone who asked if I was creative. My immediate answer was “yes, yes I am.” Obviously, I have this blog and all that. But, on a daily basis I don’t know how “creative” I really am. I would like to think that reading books and writing things would help me to combat a lack of this but I’m not really worried about it too much. We’re all naturally creative people, that’s just a fact. I need to find some science related to this, but when I do I will get back to you. We all want our best selves out there (Instagram models looking at you) even though that isn’t our true selves. Is that creativity? No, not in the case of social media because memes are not original after the 70th time (I know, Damn Daniel amirite?) and you move onto the next exciting thing-which isn’t really that exciting but we make it into something worthwhile.

Definition of creativity from Merriam-Webster: The ability the make things or think of new ideas.

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I write this blog, with ideas that I think of on my own. Because I’m trying to maintain that level of creativity amongst all the crazy social media I’m surrounded in. It works. Unplugging also helps. I’m not a big social media hoarder, but if I’m at an event I can do all the things on all the apps.

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But, suffice to say I am a creative person with heart. And, though I don’t know you, I would like to believe that you are as well.

Thanks for reading this hodgepodge of a blog post, that focuses on one central thing at its core but then not really.

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ET Lives Here

She’s a real showstopper, she’s a real talker, she knows how to get what she wants when she thinks hard enough about it. Is she giving the answers to whoever asks? Nope. Is she inching her way slowly to a large scale explosion? Yup. Will the debris be large enough to carry to those around her. No, it will be in her own cloud.


The cloud is unusually gray these days. She can’t seem to figure out why. Does this have something to do with reading those spy books and giving them out to the extraterrestrials that come knocking on her door every Tuesday? She doesn’t even care for the dang books, its the constant door-to-door of the extraterrestrials. Yeah, they’re pretty annoying. You can’t make make someone revert to another planet by force or something ya know? Ugh, so frustrating sometimes.

But that is life in Lope. Ever since the first ET’s were found on Mars, NASA freaked out and brought five of them to Earth. After 10 years of experiments, and another 15 on a series of tests that all went public with more or less the same findings save a few components, and finally 8 more years with human/ET tests that became groundbreaking. This started another 10 years of the “aliens” becoming ET’s and somehow a part of Earth society. No plants and always hot so they survive obviously. This brings us to today: 2915. The door-to-door converting ET’s, historians and scientists say this is similar to “Jehovah’s Witnesses” from the Years With Snow.

But, at her radioactive software company, a new ET just joined on and Elise can’t seem to fathom why. Are they even allowed to work? Who said she even wanted to work with them. She was really trying to get her cloud white and blue again. Her e-doc said the ETs were playing a major part in that, so she obviously couldn’t be around them.

Is this the explosion she was thinking about before? No, it’s bigger. She can’t explain it, it’s like a force deep within her that she can’t seem to process right. She is really trying, but she just can’t. Breathe, breathe, breathe. In, out, in, out, in out.


She’s in her room. It’s still Lope. Boring old Lope, with the five hundred amusement parks. With no cars, with 6 hundred people. With only restaurant that serves everything you could ever possibly want. But, it’s different now. Because it’s not real.


I wanted to do something different for this post. A little writing. Sidenote: Any one doing nanowrimo this year? I did it a few years ago, I might do it this year. Not sure. But, I love to write so maybe.