Not all about the material things

I don’t need material things, but sometimes it’s nice to imagine the things I could buy. The things that make me feel happy include, but are not all things I need to buy include:


*Creative ideas

*TED Talks

*Journals with inspiring quotes



*Online learning

*Broadening skills




You don’t need money to buy success. You need optimism and healthy goals. Stick to those goals and good things will come.

Well, life is what you make of it. When you’re not paying attention, it can get away from you. Just like this mindless post.

Have a fabulous day, all! šŸ™‚


Keep on the path part 566788

What if everything was micro-sized? Your car, your house, your bed, even your pet. Or how about if you had fewer things because things take up space? You could be a nomad and live a travel lifestyle. It’s possible and many people quit their jobs all the time to travel and do what they kept thinking about for so long.

Could you do it? Maybe. Will you do it? Will you follow through? Probably not.

If we did all the things we write down or dream about, we might wander forever. You might say you don’t need money, but you do need to eat and you do need to pay bills. The way that you are going, you think you will never get to where you want to be. I’m just writing this as a reminder that you will get there. You will get there if you know what you want.

Goal setting isn’t a dumb idea, it is a real thing that can lead to having a purpose. The purpose you never knew you needed or wanted. You’re so close, but not yet there.

Or maybe you are there? I mean, I don’t know where there is anyway. Let your heart sing to the freedom of what it wants. Maybe you’re halfway there. Maybe you still have a long way to go.

Whatever path you hope to take on next, I hope it leads you somewhere.

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Civically minded

It’s that time again when everyone around you is lazying themselves up for the “end” of the year. Or perhaps, taking stock of what they have put in layaway in Wal-Mart. It’s just a moody time of year.


If you’re American, then you should be registered to vote. Yup, you still have to vote this year. What is the deadline to register in your state? It could be this week. It could be today. Don’t delay check your voter status here right now:Ā

I hope you take a few moments to do that if you have not already. Now, take the pledge to actually vote instead of just thinking about it. You can read about your elected and currently running officials. You can donate if you would like and you can volunteer your time with a campaign that you think deserves a win. Or possibly all you care about is the school board or judicial elections in your local city or region. That’s alright. Remember, that your only voice is through that ballot. Unfortunately, many do not take the time (or even care) to read about their elected or running officials. I do not mean simply at the local level, I mean at the Senate level. Who is your senator? Who is your governor? What about your state representative? Know who these people are and be aware of their standpoint or issues.

You can also vote by absentee ballot. Each state also has deadlines for this as well, maybe this could be cutting it close or maybe you have loads of time (you will use the latter as an excuse and forget, but let me persuade you to open another tab and do it right now!) but in some way you know its there but its not easily understood. At least that’s what you think. The truth is none of this is hard and if you’re holding back because of your lack of a viable id, then head to your local DMV and see what they can do for you. You can apply for an id card, though now is probably the time to do it as it likely takes time to process a card. If you are a student I wish I could say you could vote with your student id but in most cases, you cannot and need something more than that. In the state I am in, though I recognize this is not the same in all states, a voter id card must have one’s photo and be issued by the state. These are the two main requirements. In most cases it is similar but stipulations persist.

I hope that if you can vote, you will. I hope that you find out today if you are registered to vote. No more waiting. No more wasted time.

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Right now, at this moment, I can’t breathe. I would really like to breathe. To just get the air out of my chest. More than that, get the words I can’t say out of my chest and heart. It’s giving me heartache to keep things bottled up, but I can’t speak either. It’s a misfortune that good fortune brings.

We all want to be happy and in good spirits. I feel sick about what I want, about what I feel is a mistake. About what I want and maybe no one else wants.

The heart is a strange thing, sometimes it lets us down and other times it will tell us exactly what it wants. We can’t always figure it out so easily though. We think we know, but we have no idea. I really hope that my insides tell my outsides to be confident real soon because I can’t take any more waiting anxiously.

G50x.jpgBy G50Xmusic – Own work, CC BY-SA 4.0,

Not trying to sound dim and I know things will be bright again. Pain goes away with time. Things get better and improve with time. This is not a proven fact, but this is usually what all the good advice says so it must be fairly true. I mainly want to know why the mind reacts to the heart. Why do we need to feel that weĀ haveĀ to react? We don’t. However, emotion is a powerful influencer. It influences our thoughts, ideas, and goals. The people around us are in that web of emotion, too. Everyone has their own emotional baggage though they don’t have to. Just leave all your baggage at the baggage claim. It won’t be claimed because you don’t need that part of yourself anymore. You don’t need to be held down by the fear of rejection or failure. You got it in you to do better and be better. You got it (now do not actually leave your bag unclaimed in an airport, that’s different you see).

I’m not well. I’m great. I’m weak. I’m happy. I’m miserable. It’s an up and down of emotions and wondering what road your mind will take your heart. Don’t make decisions this way. Always use your brain first. Yes, I know you have one.

The title of this post refers to how the inside of my stomach feels as it tries not to go under with all the pressure to be sane.

I’m great though.

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Accept the need to reject

I have this feeling that everything will work itself out. I used to fear rejection and that ponder just how much of a worthless case I was. I used to search endlessly for answers in the wrong places. I used to think that hiding things away was the answer when it wasn’t. I needed a change, I needed a break.

That was me maybe a year ago. I have changed as a person and I’m no longer thinking so one-dimensionally. I’m thinking that “long-term” might be a concept, but its one that I have to subscribe to whether I like it or not because I am human after all. I know I can’t be in the same bubble of comfort forever, I’ve got to balance and try new things out. I’ve got to be able to figure out what I want and be honest with what I really want. There is no time like the present to try to make sense of this.

That does not mean I suddenly have no fear. I still fear rejection bringing me down quicker than when I started. I would not know how to get out of the trap I set myself in. Maybe its all in good taste, but sometimes we wonder why we made certain choices because how they turn out is not always how we expect. Then we have doubts. The doubts turn into frustrations that develops into hating ourselves. That’s where we have to stop. The line needs to be drawn when it comes to frustration. It’s not easy to always be happy, but fake it and somehow through all that fake smiling you’ll laugh and realize it’s ok to not have it all planned out exactly.

This is reading like something I would read to motivate myself. Reject hardships and pain, accept people’s smiles. By rejecting the negative energy around you, it will become easier to think positively. In the direction of good and happy thoughts.



It’s that time of the year when the days are short and the weather is still breezy. So breezy that you can still wear sandals if you really want to because its not that bad, but scarves are a thing so you can wear those too. Oh, and boots! We can wear those now, but not all the time because like I said, sandals are ok too since it fluctuates from 74 degrees F. to 42 degrees F. some days. That is usually in the span of two days. Welcome to the Midwest.

But, Fall is probably that time of year when I just want to snuggle with a book but find myself wanting to go out and look cute in my fall outfits at the same time. Anyway, I enjoy having something to think about. Something to remind me that I am doing alright and am able to keep thinking complexly despite whatever is going on in my hectic life. (sidenote: my life is not really hectic, but its sounds productive and not the truth, which is that most of my days are not crazy). I think its a good time of year though because it’s calm (if you’re in a big city, take the excuse and go to a pumpkin patch) and light. The weather is not crazy (no not really, can be in 80s some days-darn global warming) and the leaves are gorgeous when they’re in the trees and pleasing to crunch on the ground. It’s that sunset that comes in early that lets you know that the night is young and you have time to rest, study, and read all you want. You haveĀ time to plan the next day. Getting up early suddenly seems not so bad. The daylight seems even brighter than before and glows with the orange and red leaves.

But the dark comes back too. It doesn’t have to be a bad time. It doesn’t need to be a moment when you want nothing more than to shut out all the people around you. Surround yourself with happiness even in the darkest of times and the light will find you. I promise you this much and I don’t even know your situation.


When you find the light, smile at it because it doesn’t own you. It is not part of you and only you have the power to reach beyond your own sadness and frustration with everything else.

And remember:




So you’re doing fine, you’re living your life when suddenly one day as you’re driving back from work you’re suddenly struck with the realization that you hate your job and should quit today and in this realization you lose focus and have a crash–which is terrible because you need to more alert, like seriously.


But, now its August. And schools’ are back in session, children are no longer sitting at home playing on iPads but doing it at school now. Also, maybe you’re “back in session” too. Maybe a very long break calls for business as usual or the chance to reunite with old friends for coffee and chat about the good old days. Or even dinner if you’re feeling fancy. If you do the latter, tell me what its like because I don’t do reunions or anything like that. Families that do family reunions every year are cute, but probably dysfunctional in some way too. Getting a lot of people together who may not see each other that often if at all just because they’re “family” is grounds for disaster to occur if you ask me. There’s usually one or a few people to blame for it set up this way but if you’ve been to a reunion that was drama-free than either your family is not normal or you’re probably glossing over the truth.

So, be your own guest at your own party.

If you’re reading this when it is being posted (August) then you are in luck becauseĀ August 24 is National Waffle Day and National Peach Pie Day and if you get into an argument with someone you love try to hug it out at the end of the day like a good Full House episode becauseĀ August 25Ā is National Kiss and Make Up Day. Not to mention thatĀ August 31 is National Matchmaker Day. Oh, how things are beginning to become clearer. It’s all a set-up to make sure that I am not forever alone. How clever, internet. Or whoever came up with these holidays that we only honor in gifs.

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I hope I made you smile and you think of following the blog for more! šŸ™‚ I could have put in way more Leslie + Waffles gifs but I must stop. Ok, fine here you go.

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