Instead of

You should always look forward to the unknown.

You should be strong of things you are not sure about.

You should keep pushing through the difficult times because there is someone that is rooting for you even if you don’t feel it.

Instead of this or that, maybe I could just be. It’s a simple concept in thought but a much more complex idea when acted upon. I don’t need specificity when it comes to why something should be done, I simply need the determination and will to want to do it. It’s a much different thing to want something than to need something.

Instead of telling myself that I cannot do it, I will just do it and see what mistakes I make later. I will refrain as best as I can from providing critical self-checks that only pull me back into not reaching the goal I set for myself. Self-esteem is like the wind that carries you away with it or pulls you into it. You are never pushing against it because you don’t want to be seen as someone with problems with self-esteem, but likely the act of doing that alone means you are pushing against these high sails of self-esteem. It’s doesn’t have to be a barrier, but a way to the endgame. Whatever that endgame may be for you.

Instead of maybe, push for will.

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