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Second wind

It would appear that I am reaching a point in which I wonder if whatever plans I had before this major adventure was well thought out. By which I mean, what happens when the adventure comes to an end? (because like all things, it has to one day)

I haven’t really figured out yet what I would like to do following this. When I say following this, I mean only a few months from now. I don’t know where I’ll be by the end of this year, but I’ll always remember where I was at the start of it. A part of me might possibly be wondering how I got to this point. Or, even how I ended up feeling like I’m at some kind of crossroads again. The real truth of it is that I’m at no crossroads at all. I’m at a turning point in my life that will probably determine where I will end up for the rest of my later life.

In my young life, I haven’t seen much. This past year I’ve done more than I usually do in terms of being a leader, a public speaker, a teacher, a counselor, and a coach. In essence, I found my own potential. I don’t know that teaching abroad makes anyone a great teacher, but it forces you to adapt to a culture that one is not normally accustomed to. To live and work in a world so much different than their own. I am living proof of conquering your fears (or so I say). Some days, I still fear speaking up when there are problems and the chance of having little control of my classrooms once again. It’s a skill I’m working on, but one I know that I have little time to harness at this point so I’ll just make the best of my time with the students.

Anyway, speaking up is not encouraged anyway. Keeping silent or quiet is a better way of dealing with the pressures of the everyday. It might be a story for another post or it just might never get told (at least not here) which is perfectly alright with me.

I’m still working on finding my “big” moment anyway.

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