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Those grateful, happy days

I’m doing my best. This blogging thing can be a lot of work when you think about it too much though.

So no thinking- just leaping into whatever (provided of course that the “whatever” is not gonna break any bones or anything for me). The point is that I want to do something different. Something new. I’m already halfway there, the rest is really up to me. What is “the rest?” Yeah, no answer to that. Probably something that will lead me to future of happy living. That’s all anyone wants really.

As far as happiness levels in general go, I’d say I’m at a good level currently. No terrible illnesses, no diseases and feeling good about life. Fresh air is all around me and I’m grateful every day for where I am. For where I am right now.

People make goals all the time about what they want to do, forgetting that the things they might need are already within reach. Step away from the stress, from the madness if only for a moment and let yourself feel happy. Those small happy moments will mean so much more when they happen without being planned. After that, the happy times will just fall into place.

(I’m writing this while also knowing it’s not easy for everyone to be happy, but I also know that if you want to feel true joy you have to feel gracious about what you do have).

Feel the love. Spread it and own your joy like nothing else.


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