The good in humanity

I’m currently wondering what happened to human decency.

Is it still there? I’m trying to find it but struggling. People say that know what it takes to be a good person but very seldom are people actually being a good person. It’s a messed up world we live in and its not getting any better.

It might take a lot to restore your faith in humanity. Or it could only take pictures of cute pandas. Either way, you are a world citizen. You are permeating the idea that humanity is hopeless by not spreading the faith. Spreading the idea that hate is alive. It is, no doubt about that but what good does the little good in humanity there is even accomplish? It might do very little, true and have little impact but who cares?  Yes, you should care but what about doing things for the purpose of simply doing them? We don’t do that enough anymore. We don’t think simple things like that matter anyway. They might not, but denying someone good humanity is like denying food to a hungry puppy. It will only make you sadder.

I could get more political or revolutionary about this but I won’t. I won’t do tirades here. This is a place of positivity. So I will give you a way to feel happy about the things in your world. The world that, like it or not, you are a part of. You should get involved in it, but if you will not at this current moment then alright. I’ll let it be. Humanity can always be restored in our minds until we remember that it cannot because humans are inherently all-powerful. So much power is never a good thing.

35 heartwarming photos to restore your faith in humanity.

simple acts to restore your faith in humanity.


Small things can be big things if you let them be. Large moments can become even larger depending on what you view as important. Don’t let yourself get carried away with thinking all humans are bad though.

Stay hopeful.

(cover image source).


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