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To travel or settle?

Not sure what my major plans are for the next few years. I hope to keep teaching. I also hope to work as a writer. I also would like to teach yoga. I will be traveling and that is all I know for certain.

I love traveling. But I hate flying. Road trips can be fun if there are cool stops along the way. Too many people on said road trip could be bothersome and icky but adventures are “a must” for this generation. Or so say the countless articles and blog posts reminding young people to explore the world and find themselves, before the terror of “settling down” creeps up on them. Because it will. It can be avoided for as long as possible until one day one wakes up and realizes that the life they are living is not doing anything for them. It is time then to rethink things.

Retooling or rethinking things does not always translate well for all. For some, this means a change in career or a major move. While others decide it is just much simpler to get married and have kids. Yup, I said it. For others having a steady job, trusting friends and family, paid time off, and the ability to give back equals a fulfilled and possibly a settled life. The other segment will keep traveling. Will keep making themselves move forward with traveling and trying to find out who they really are. Of course, they know who they are. It’s just the excuse of travel, of getting out that everyone loves to say.

I would like a traveling companion. I would like to see more of the world. I have barely seen any of it really. Life is short and I all I can think about are all the places I would like to see. But, traveling also costs a good deal of money. To get that money, one has to work. Working for long and doing well leads to more opportunities within a certain company or profession. We all want to move forward. So we do and that trip we want to take never happens. The idea fades away and we do what everyone else does in society: We settle. Is it so wrong to settle? We begin to ask ourselves (to which the answer is no, it absolutely is not wrong). But, we continue to wonder and that wonder is what drives me to travel now and find traveling friends to join me on that journey.

Life is short, travel a little!


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