On being human

We’re all human and sometimes we break. That’s ok. It puts us back a bit but we know that we’ll come through eventually. Usually. Wellness is something we take for granted until we are not well, then we wonder what we were thinking up to this point that we would even last this long.

However, that’s just how it rolls though. We have our faults. We have all made our share of mistakes and thinking that we have all the answers. We don’t. By any stretch of negative thinking, we probably will fail at all we do. Likely we will not deter people from doing something that seems too above them because we want people to have dreams. Dreams are important. It’s important to have those. But, the truth is it’s ok to fail sometimes and even want to fail in order to succeed. Being a normal person assumes that we all have these qualities, thereby making us all assume either the very worst or the best. No in between. In between means that you are giving up and there is no way to do such a thing when you believe in yourself right?

Well, that got a bit heavy. The point being that we’re not perfect. None of us are. You might be feeling like you are doing some perfect and amazing things right now, but let me tell you that you are only human. Mistakes will happen, your immune system might fail and you might regret that intense workout after dinner. It’s ok because I know that you love it. Sure, you like your cat or dog but do you want to be them? You are part of the most intelligent species on Earth (well, relatively speaking) and your kind can do great things. It only takes a little bit of self-reliance to remind yourself that you can do whatever you want to.

See? Being human isn’t so bad after all. For the most part, it’s terrible but every now and then it’s great to be alive!


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