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How to take away the winter blues

It seems we have slipped into February. The short month that feels like the longest month. That time when you may or not be feeling anxious about the days ahead and the time when you wondering what it would be like to live in a more tropical location (unless you already do, then continue with your lush lifestyle, friend!). Regardless, if you’re in North America it’s winter. And it’s generally a gloomy time unless you are some kind of expert at creating the sunshine and warm weather. Since you are not, however, there is no reason to leave you in suspense of when old man winter will finally rear his head. The answer is hopefully shortly because global warming.


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There are plenty of ways that people tell one to combat the winter blues. Some tell you to de-stress, unplug, go outside, then promptly go back inside because it is cold. Well, I’m not trying to be a smart lifestyle article here and there will be no fancy slideshows of Getty images of food, but there will be advice.

First of all. Buy Christmas lights and put them up. It doesn’t matter that its Feb. now and all the lights are gone or even that you don’t celebrate the holiday, just that lights are probably on clearance somewhere and Stranger Things was probably onto something by having communication through the lights. Plus they will bring a smile to your face. If anyone asks and interrupts you while you answer to laugh at you, say you’re celebrating life and that will make them shut up.

Second, you need to read books. Yeah yeah yeah, people say they read in the summer only. But why not in the winter? I find I actually read more in the winter, not always but if there are too many things happening in the summer months I won’t get past one large book and a few smaller books. Which is rather disappointing. So read. I’m going to include audiobooks too, but only for some books in which the author is reading the book. Get a library card and use that sucker!

Thirdly (I actually kind of hate that word, sounds kind of snooty eighteenth century but it is typed so moving on), make something. With you hands and something that you can be proud of. Enough scrolling through Pinterest or Instagram looking at all the things you wish you could make. Who says you can’t? It can be anything. Find a way to get the tools if you have to. Make a cabinet. Bake a cake. Build a set for your tv, and cook something you want to instead of just watching that TasteMade clip again and again. You’re creative and you have the ability to make something great. So do it! (Now don’t be lazy and say buying the tools is too much work and give up).

Try to watch tv as little as possible. As little news as possible and as much comedy as possible. Stay close to those that bring you up and away from those that bring you down. What’s the point in wasting energy like that? Do your nails, go shopping, listen to your favourite music and laugh about the stupid things. All things that can be achieved. And all things that you are capable of. Let’s take on the blues together and bring in the sunshine again.


Photo and sticker are mine.



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