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That January 25 Feeling

It would seem that we have found ourselves near the end of January. By, now you are well engrossed into your daily life. Fully invested in avoidance of all new years goals. Looking forward to the year ahead or at least prepping for tax season.

I want this to be the year of great travel. The year that I stop searching for that one “thing” and just do something. Finally, conquer myself into a decent career and live fairly profitably. Feel like I am able to achieve what I have been talking about for years now. These are the things that I will accomplish this year. Is it too lofty? Is it to earnest? Either way, its happening and I am making sure to follow through on that. Because I am the holder of my own dreams. No one else.

What about you? What amazing and extraordinary things are you aiming for this year? New job? New love? New city? Whatever it be, I hope it gives you life.




So, no loud ramblings here. Just a friendly reminder that today is over yes, but the year has only just begun. Have you started a new job but can’t leave it even though you hate it? Find the things that give you joy and one day you will find the strength to leave that job or place because you found something greater than that. When you realize what your passions are you will be so much more thankful for the life you have been given.




You only have one life, live it happily. Let’s live vicariously through one another’s adventures, whether those be dull or out of this world. You got this.





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