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On hating

Unquestionably, the reason why people hate others is because they think it serves a higher purpose. When someone doesn’t agree with another, they turn their ideas on their head and decide that they don’t have to simply “dislike” that thing they can go so far as hating it.




Haters will always exist, people will always have a reason to want to bring someone else down. Maybe, I’m subconsciously bringing someone down right now because I feel less about myself. Maybe I want to feel validated about something or other. No matter, I will hold my ground and stay firm. I will not choose hate. I honestly will choose dislike or like, in terms of how I would want to be treated.

So, don’t hate. Don’t rear back and say you don’t hate and then go home and talk bad about someone. It’s more or less the same thing. You don’t do yourself any favors by harboring a stronger dislike to someone you disapprove of. No one needs anyone else’s approval or love, all anyone wants is to feel appreciated.

So love vs. hate apparently? Well, if not love, then honesty.



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