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Friday the Thirteenth

Well, hello there 2017. You’re new here aren’t you?




2017.2017.2017. 2017. 2017. 2017. 2017. 2017. 2017.

If I write it out I’ll know for sure that its a new year and not just another month. But, whenever it’s January, you suddenly realize “oh yeah, it’s a new year.” Just me? Alright, moving on then.

So, new year then. Let’s start this off right. Let’s start this off without any regrets. Without feeling as though I have to think too hard about the next day. These are the arbitrary goals we try to reach, amongst the still-standing goal of being more healthy, working out and “being more fit.” It’s possible that people feel a need to achieve more than, to do more than and to want more than they possibly are able to. As humans, this is our problem. We want more but we have no idea how to help ourselves get there. We set goals, sure but whether we work to see those goals through is another question.

Not hating on setting goals. Everyone should set goals and so forth. It’s great for self-help and self-health. Both of which overlap, but if either gets too heavy the self should be removed because we all need real help sometimes. We’re just a little scared to reach out. It happens. I get that, but goals want to happen. They are screaming at you right now, being like “hey, make me happen!”

So, today do something freaky: Do something you want to do today vs. what you have to do (unless you are a student, then continue on and come back to being wild later).

If following your goals is radical, then be radical. Be different and be yourself more than anything else.





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