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On the word “trajectory”

As the title of this blog would assume, I am a writer. I am also trying to figure out what to do with my life. This blog helps me vent. It helps me focus on other things, like giving helpful advice or making arbitrary lists. No rhyme or reason to any of the posts, but I try to have a theme for each if possible.

The dictionary definition of trajectory is the curve or projectile, like a rocket in flight. In Geometry, this refers to a curve or surface that cuts all the curves or surfaces of a given system at a current angle. It’s possible that I look up the definition for trajectory often and just stare at it on google. Either way, you can see that it refers to an upward moving climb. Something that is going up, reaching higher and thrusting itself into launch. Like a launchpad, but already lifted off. Into the great unknown. The statistics would assume that I have it all planned out if this is the title, because trajectory refers to things that go up right? But, quite the contrary. Maybe it sounds exciting because it means hopeful in your mind, but in my mind it is also in the title as a way to mean the exact opposite.

This is a trajectory of the Gemini rocket. source

This blog doesn’t always make sense. I strive for nonsense on the daily in fact. But, at its core, it is still a place where I write the things that I hold dear. Some of those things don’t matter in the long run or the grand scheme of things, but I really like to get the ball rollin’ and live in the present moment (Yay idioms!). Regardless, the way I see myself now will probably be different than how I see myself five years from now. When I began this blog four years ago, I can certainly say that I picked the title at random to muse about my writing and whatever came to mind.


I advise people who do use the word trajectory to know why they’re using it. Do you know it means the curve described by a projectile or rocket in flight? Isn’t that cool information to know? Yes, definitely is some Jeopardy level knowledge there. Which is to say its general knowledge that you should already know. (Not assuming that you know everything on Jeopardy though, that would be premature but anything is possible on that game show). So think up. Think to rise above. Go around the curve, sweep through it. Find a path removed from gravity with which to give rise to your talents. That word to describe what you find can be as simple as “path”. It can be as easy as knowing that you are moving up, not down in what you do.

The trajectory of my life continues to ascend and force me to reach for the stars, in a metaphorical way of course.



I am a writer. A reader. I want to learn more about the world around me. Far from perfect, but trying to enjoy the simple moments in life which make one most happy. This is the blog where I write about life, random things and ponder about the great questions no one seems to really understand deeply.

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