A reminder to stay strong

Dreams are worth chasing. 

If you’re young and you really want something, you shouldn’t give up on the chance to have it. You shouldn’t let yourself feel like you need to give up on what makes you happy. Happiness is something different for everyone. It is something that radiates and shines from above. It brings you light.

Similarly, your life is an open-box that reflects everything that you have done thus far. The box is not empty yet. There are those that will demean you and say you are not fit for this or that. Maybe because of your gender, maybe because of your race, or maybe because of your intentions.

Throughout your life, you have been told that you can only do this and not that or you have been told that you can do something but with limitations. And you know those limitations exist because you believe in them. There’s a quote that you see on cute Pinterest posts that does ring true in this case: “Limits are just an illusion.” Be limitless. It’s an easy thing to say and its and even easier thing to type out. We all have limits and its ok to know what they are. To know what they stand for and why they are there. But, if we break one limit we have set for ourselves would everything really fall apart? Or would things instead fall right into place?

When you figure this out, then you’ll be golden. You’ll be wondering why you didn’t realize this so many years ago. Why you were so afraid. Maybe its the fear of failure or of being judged, but whatever it is it sneaks up on us and reminds us that we can’t do what we thought we could. Ignore that voice for a second.

Maybe you’re going through a rough patch, maybe things are amazing right now, or maybe you want to cry all the time. Either way, keep your head held high and don’t let anyone tell you to change yourself for reasons that hold you back. You can do great things.

I can do great things.

I have dreams like you do (yes, you have dreams. That nine to five is either a dream job or you’re still restless). Either way, let yourself dream. Let your mind wander and let yourself know that you can set your mind free. It’s a wonderful thing to set your mind and heart free by accepting yourself wholly.

Dream on because the chase has only just begun.

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