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The season of greed

Around this time, people are wondering what to do about money. I need to save money and do sales and buy this because I’ll get cash back, but add five more to cart to get free shipping.* It’s all a stupid corporate scheme and every year we all fall for it.

Because everyone wants something. Everyone is willing to spend, even if all they have is $35 in their bank account. “It’s 75% off!” or “It’s a steal!” Is it really a steal when you’re robbing yourself of the chance to save money. What is saving money? What is investing? What is budgeting? What is credit? No one that likes to spend knows, or they pretend not know to avoid the ugly guilt trip on their conscience. It might all be a ploy, but its one we’re all familiar with and buy into regardless.

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But, ’tis the season to be wary I guess. Wary of people, wary of ideas that are not like yours and wary that you might not be getting that great of a deal after all. Wary indeed that you just might be getting ripped off. But, its ok because that’s how these things work. The point is to not despair because there is a way around feeling like you lost yourself. The way out is to unplug and rewind.

Yes, you read right. Rewind. Don’t go on anything, read an actual book. If the weather is not rainy or snowy, go outside and feel the cool air on your face. Turn on the light if you’re inside. The dark only brings sadness. Light a candle. Organize your pantry, organize your book shelf. Meditate. Do yoga. Talk to someone in person and not through text or email. Avoid reaching for that phone. That email can wait. That notification is not super important. And yes, resist the urge not to document this moment of silence on Instagram because then you will be lost on there. Just breathe easy and know that you are not buying to any of it today.

(but this year take part in Small Business Saturday, because if you can’t beat ’em join ’em.

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