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Be your own fighting chance

It’s getting cold again. Well, sort of. The other day its was 74 F. but it snowed for five seconds the other day as well. It’s hard to estimate the weather in the time of global warming, but that’s how it is now.

Anyway, when it’s warm people either feel angsty or happy. Most people are stressing about the holidays, while others are stressing about the upcoming president. It’s kind of bad when there are groups of people that worry about their future lives, their safety, and their general livelihood. It’s the worrisome things that fall under the arc of human rights. Things that resonate with people and make them want to make a change. People that are not usually protesters, those that are not trying to be a nuisance but will be if they need to be. Be loud. Be active. Let your voice be heard and don’t care about who hears you or who doesn’t.



Give a fighting chance to yourself. You are your own superhero, if you believed in what you can do. The magic of the holidays is not just about giving to others, its also about giving to yourself. Give yourself the chance to seek truth, happiness and find courage.

The seasons change and the moments move around. The people that make you want to be a better version of yourself are who you should be around.

Also, don’t give in to coffeeshop protests that make it seem as though one group is superior than another. What’s mainstream is not always cool




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