It’s that time of the year when the days are short and the weather is still breezy. So breezy that you can still wear sandals if you really want to because its not that bad, but scarves are a thing so you can wear those too. Oh, and boots! We can wear those now, but not all the time because like I said, sandals are ok too since it fluctuates from 74 degrees F. to 42 degrees F. some days. That is usually in the span of two days. Welcome to the Midwest.

But, Fall is probably that time of year when I just want to snuggle with a book but find myself wanting to go out and look cute in my fall outfits at the same time. Anyway, I enjoy having something to think about. Something to remind me that I am doing alright and am able to keep thinking complexly despite whatever is going on in my hectic life. (sidenote: my life is not really hectic, but its sounds productive and not the truth, which is that most of my days are not crazy). I think its a good time of year though because it’s calm (if you’re in a big city, take the excuse and go to a pumpkin patch) and light. The weather is not crazy (no not really, can be in 80s some days-darn global warming) and the leaves are gorgeous when they’re in the trees and pleasing to crunch on the ground. It’s that sunset that comes in early that lets you know that the night is young and you have time to rest, study, and read all you want. You have time to plan the next day. Getting up early suddenly seems not so bad. The daylight seems even brighter than before and glows with the orange and red leaves.

But the dark comes back too. It doesn’t have to be a bad time. It doesn’t need to be a moment when you want nothing more than to shut out all the people around you. Surround yourself with happiness even in the darkest of times and the light will find you. I promise you this much and I don’t even know your situation.


When you find the light, smile at it because it doesn’t own you. It is not part of you and only you have the power to reach beyond your own sadness and frustration with everything else.

And remember:




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