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Making dull plans that stick

Onto to another post then. It was recently when I realized that I’m turning into one of those people that spends all their time in traffic. I don’t want to be those people, I just want to be the person that has a job that is not more than a 25 minute drive, has a few friends and likes to go out from time to time while also enjoying a good multitude of television and books. Is this too much to ask? (Apparently it is, when you’re me).

(source: DJ Many)

Regardless of the situation I find myself in, I want to be doing things that make me happy. Maybe with people I hate, maybe with people whose company I enjoy. So maybe I need to take the initiative and reach out to meet people and be able to make myself more open to connections. I seem to keep missing out on all the good times. I just want to know what everyone is doing and why they have to be doing it every other weekend? Or if not, what are the cool shows because apparently I watch all the lame ones. Don’t worry, I don’t mind watching more.

Thank you for the cool information non-existent friends! (source) 

Once I figure out how to hang and be successful or better at what I’m doing (because clearly I’m doing something wrong, since I’ve made so many mistakes).

Drake love (source)

But, let me stop comparing for a minute because comparison is the thief of joy. That quote is one that I do agree with. Let me say that the plans I make are ones that are going to lead me to big things. I don’t know this as 100% percent certain, but more at 75% right now. (I could have said even lower, but gifs make you confident- yay gifs!)

So, since I have nothing else to say here except that I want to continue to strive for more I’ll stop typing anymore. Right after I make sure to note that I hate being compared to siblings. It is the absolute worst and my plans are way better because they are mine. No one else’s.

(oh and sidenote, if you’re American then there’s a special day coming up next month that can only allow participation if you’re a citizen. If you don’t know then welcome to the internet because you’ll figure it out soon).

Me on the whole election. Source.



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