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Staying on track

ooof sorry blog. I guess it is harder to keep to a regular schedule of writing than I thought. Even though I might be encouraging students to write better essays, better prompts and better speaking skills I can’t say the same thing about myself.

So am I falling off the bandwagon? What does “falling off” really mean? I suppose we all just want to keep things orderly and in tact. I can attest to that, but I don’t really believe that I can do it all in one day. I wish I could, but I think I know I can’t and somehow still feel like there were things I could have done at the end of the day. I can’t sleep so late when I am off, but I make it a day that starts with a good breakfast and remind myself that I can do whatever the day has in front of me.

But, its getting closer to Daylight Saving Time and that is depressing too. It doesn’t need to be, but it is. The fewer hours of daylight mean that I need to work harder to organize what I want to do in the day, because if not it might not happen at all. And no, there’s no “tomorrow is another day”, as the likelihood of me doing chores or errands the next day could end up the same way. Best to try to get it all (or most of it anyway) done in the present day.

So I will do more ab workouts, more cardio, make better smoothies and drink more water. Stop playing Pokemon Go, start reading more books, stop focusing on what I’m not doing and instead focus on what I already have done. But everything could be better. Everyone needs improvement. And that little push to keep them in the game. To keep in the mind to do more for oneself and and be happy with staying the course to do that.




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