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Decision pondering

Oh its a late and I should probably sleep. But, I love to keep this blog growing and thriving and active. And if that means 3 posts a week, so be it (not every week, but Oct. 5th seems like a perfect date for a new posting).

A posting in which I have really nothing to say except that I wish I could make decisions easier. I will probably rest easier with small things taken care of quickly. But, I don’t put off. I think about things for too long. I let my mind wander when it comes to decision-making. Because I don’t really know what I want.

This is not a great trait and I realize this. In fact, its probably terrible from a parental perspective, because I am throwing away any possible successes. I haven’t got a high paying job or a lasting one yet. I’m still just bouncing around like a bunny or Tigger, trying to figure out where to go next. Where my new interests take me (yoga, for instance) and whether they will lead me to long-term careers. Or anything producing income. Nothing substantial necessarily but enough to let me sometimes buy designer clothes. And not that I need anything but that’s the line.

So, back to decisions. Can’t do a great job with making them and can’t pretend that I will be better at doing so in the future. I will do my very best to try though. It never hurts to try and that is something that I hope anyone reading this will remember to do.

Have a thought, then follow up with that thought with something that makes you remember why you had that thought in the first place. Follow-through in other words in everything you say. Easier said than done but we all have to start somewhere.

Decide how to plan before you begin.



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