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On seeking the good news

Hello world!

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I like thinking that people are good. And somehow finding things that remind me that they are good. Now, sure there are plenty more bad stories in the news than there are good, but just try to weed out the good and you’ll find a gem somewhere.

No really, I’m not just talking about reading things on Upworthy though that is a good site filled with good sense. Sometimes its the small stories about a kid that rescued a dog that was dying or a grandfather that tells an emotional story of his life making you realize that you take life for granted. Your local news has more feature stories than you think and they are largely uninteresting, but exciting to the person(s) being featured so always give them a quick spotlight if you can. Everyone needs a little love sometimes.

I was a feature reporter for a hot minute once (I don’t really say that phrase, because like how hot was that 60 seconds supposed to be anyway?) and wrote mostly about pets, people and their dogs. Dog groomers mostly, some art shows, an pro-life rally (which I didn’t end attending but talked with the organizer which was enough for a short blurb). Most of my interviews are done via phone call. I very seldom did things in person, because I didn’t live in the same place (I was 45 min away) and so I commuted. I thought the experience was a fairly fulfilling one though and one that I won’t forget. But, I wish I was more forthright and spoke up more. Basically, I wish I did more in-person interviews. That’s where the real gold conversations and photos are likely to occur.

But, since I no longer do this. I can say that reading local feature stories reminds me of the reporter that I was. But, a better version.

So step outside of your Twitter filled with political angst and refrain from commenting any further. Instead, think about seeking out good. Any piece of media that reminds you what it means to be human. What it means to be imperfect. And then you will inevitably smile because you know that no one or nothing can take this feeling away (unless you let them, and you won’t! 😉

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I am a writer. A reader. I want to learn more about the world around me. Far from perfect, but trying to enjoy the simple moments in life which make one most happy. This is the blog where I write about life, random things and ponder about the great questions no one seems to really understand deeply.

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