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The restless and lost pupils

It’s a Tuesday night and I am going to give this blog some much needed posts. All to be scheduled later so yay.

So to start off, do you love to hate your job for the simple that its your job and no one else’s?  That’s alright. It’s perfectly fine, in fact. Well, no its not really actually. You should probably quit or leave if you hate it that much that you can’t stand to even be there. Something is probably wrong.

This year, I’ve ventured into the territory of teaching adults. By adults, I mostly mean high schoolers, but its not a high school in the four year sense that you would imagine when the word “high school” comes to mind. No need to get into that. The point is within that, I focus on English, history and writing. Primarily the humanities because that’s where my background is rooted in. And I held firm to only teaching that, but I’m becoming somewhat lax in realizing that its ok to help students in math (easy algebra or below only) if they really need it. These students need all the help they can get. Who am I to turn them away? I’m no one to them, which is exactly why they need my help. But there are no bad teachers either which makes it a great place.

I don’t know everything about working with these students. I don’t know about their lives. I don’t know what they do everyday or where they work. I care about them in school only. As soon as they are out of the building, I am not required to care anymore. That sounds harsh, but as a teacher’s assistant who only teaches sometimes this is the view I have come to know as truth because you won’t get anywhere with the students if they are just treated like your friends all the time.

I get bad looks from some students, those that regard me with a cold edge. Those that want my help, but misunderstand me all too often. Those that try to flirt their way out of doing work and quickly realize that won’t work on me. Those that refuse authority and are proud of it. Those that won’t do any work and ask for help with make-up work, only to ask for answers on everything failing to absorb the material at all. I don’t hate this, but it can be frustrating knowing this student is not doing all they can to do better. Because that’s all I want. For them to do well and excel. Go to college. Get a good career. Have dreams.

Anyway, but everything’s fine besides. I know that in order to make any real difference, every student needs to be met on their own terms. For some that means being their friend. For others, that means ignoring their requests to do so.


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It’s not tough love, its called teaching. Something which I don’t know why I’m getting into, but here I am.

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