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Be greater than mellow

These days include me facing a predicament that is not the life or death kind, but is certainly one that reminds me why I am one of those people that writes online.

Because writing reminds me that I don’t have to be able to do it all in one day. Along with letting me know that I am not alone. There is a whole community out there of dedicated writers that are a constant source of encouragement anytime I need it. Or you need it! I hope you know that feeling lost and alone is only part of the struggle, but it doesn’t you don’t have to be the only one either.

The spectacular online writing event is only a month away now and I would be a fool not to participate, but its hard to do such a thing when you want to do so many other things. I can’t be alone in feeling this way about writing. Like you want to write, but its not your everything kind of feeling. But you must bring honor to your hometown too and be a bestselling writer somehow, even its by accident which is all the more awesome.

So, maybe you’re having an off day. Maybe you’re having a great day. Maybe hump day always brings you down regardless of the situation. Whatever. You need to know that you are worth something. That you are not a piece of furniture that someone can just throw out as they please and you are not a book that can be returned. You are for keeps and if no one else can see that then you’re losing your greatest faith and comrade: Yourself.

So, I’m cheered up. I’m doing alright. Maybe I gotta face some tough decisions soon but I’ll get there and whatever you have going on-you will too. Consciously.

Cover image source (Australian Survivor).



I am a writer. A reader. I want to learn more about the world around me. Far from perfect, but trying to enjoy the simple moments in life which make one most happy. This is the blog where I write about life, random things and ponder about the great questions no one seems to really understand deeply.

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