The one on loving yourself

Books and movies, makeup and gum. These are the the small things that make up the smaller portions that eventually add up to the larger part of my life. A life that is filled with goodness and good people. A livelihood that makes me realize how good I have it everyday. I have it so good I don’t even know where to begin.

But, I know I am loved. And I know that others are not. And I know I can’t do anything about that, but hope for the best. But that’s never enough. I can pray and give solace to those grieving on shattered losses. To a life that was well-spent far too early and a life that ended before anyone had the chance to say “thank-you” for existing. Because we forget to say it. We forget to think it. We forget to remind ourselves that we’re worth all that we say we are. And so so much more.

You might be reading this in a cramped little apartment or on the streets. In a car or on your phone. What you need to remember right now in this very moment is that you have the power to determine the course of your life. That you have the power to know whether the choice you make to get up today will impact the rest of your week in a good or bad way. And you ultimately decide what and whom to love. You don’t have to love everybody. Maybe your mother told you once that it’s important to treat all with respect and it probably is solid advice, but sorry mama we’re gonna have to turn our back on those that shut us out repeatedly. Kindness burns in our hearts, but that doesn’t mean that everyone burns that same kindness right back at us.

Love some. Dislike others. Hate no one. Desist fighting and resolve to be peaceful.

You can’t win all the wars and you can’t win all the fights, but you can be the person that knows your own worth matters more because you matter.


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