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Dream with your brain

I’ve been abuzz with so many things going on. Well mostly just one thing. That happened this weekend. A night that was planned for many months with the goal of creating understanding between two faiths. One of which is often pushed around in the media as something worse than what it is. The responses and feedback to the event remind me that people are both diverse in their views and that above all, people still hate change.


I, for one want to change a lot of things. I want to be more bold. To be able to speak without anything holding me back. But, still speak using my brain. I’m not that kind of person that dreams of traveling and doing all these new things without remembering reality exists. Forgetting to use your brain is the biggest problem that dreamers have.

The smallest problem is not opening up to others. Dreamers want to find something or someone that gives them a purpose. But, what is that purpose? What is that meaning that so many of them are searching for? No one really seems to know. Most just have a vague idea of what a positively attainable goal could look like. Like, moving to China for work. Or Paris. To do what they hope to be their dream job, but also know they could return as soon as a month later. Because what we already have, we love too much to let go. And what we don’t have, we can’t bear to try it because its not in our comfort zone.

So, if you’re reading this trying to figure out what to do with your life then stop thinking that way. Think about the people that know you best. Create a circle of people that can help you reach your goals. Maybe not your highest goals, but ones that will get you closer to it everyday. And above all (and this is one, I’m realizing as I write this, that matters even to me), don’t let people tell you to stop dreaming big.


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