The Drive Goes On

So I realize that my posts have been a little haphazard lately. Whatever, I’m trying. It can be hard to blog and work at the same time. No, not working from home. Working an hour away so the commute take a good portion of time and when I do have time off I make sure to spend it writing, walking and stretching. Honestly, I hate to sit though traffic and absolutely need to stretch right afterwards. It’s a struggle.

But a struggle that I can live with. Because you see I have commuted for much of college as well. I went to school 45 minutes from where I live and drove on a series of country highways to get there. Yeah, still do that today. But, I don’t hate it as much as you think either. Sure, I hate that there is really no cell service so far out in the cornfields but I’m not hating on it too much either because I have a car. I can go places. I recognize that not many can and I’m reminded of that every day, as I see students who need money for a city bus pass. I could complain about things like traffic, but no one really cares. It’s the same everywhere for people who drive in a big city. No one talks about the drive into work or the drive out of work, its just “the traffic bad?” “Heard there was a crash..” Then you move on with the day because its just elementary to discuss. Unless its your mom who cares about what you’re saying and where you’re driving. No, the only people with you on that drive is the people you hear on the local radio. I hope you listen to a morning radio show as you drive into work because I do and it gets me awake as well. Because its lighthearted but funny and people have weird stories. You could call in too, but you don’t because you remind yourself that you’re driving and cannot do such a thing. But, then there are the voices that call in. Those that just call to say hello.


Anyway, driving is a thoughtful task. When its just the open-road then you have time to think. Time to remember just why you are thankful to be on this Earth. Or maybe you remembered that you need to be somewhere later and you’re late. I like driving even though people think I don’t (my sister, namely).

It lets me be in control and in that moment let me decide whether to get hopelessly lost or keep driving on the straight path in front of me.

So the drive I have keeps me moving forward in everything else in life.



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