So you’re doing fine, you’re living your life when suddenly one day as you’re driving back from work you’re suddenly struck with the realization that you hate your job and should quit today and in this realization you lose focus and have a crash–which is terrible because you need to more alert, like seriously.


But, now its August. And schools’ are back in session, children are no longer sitting at home playing on iPads but doing it at school now. Also, maybe you’re “back in session” too. Maybe a very long break calls for business as usual or the chance to reunite with old friends for coffee and chat about the good old days. Or even dinner if you’re feeling fancy. If you do the latter, tell me what its like because I don’t do reunions or anything like that. Families that do family reunions every year are cute, but probably dysfunctional in some way too. Getting a lot of people together who may not see each other that often if at all just because they’re “family” is grounds for disaster to occur if you ask me. There’s usually one or a few people to blame for it set up this way but if you’ve been to a reunion that was drama-free than either your family is not normal or you’re probably glossing over the truth.

So, be your own guest at your own party.

If you’re reading this when it is being posted (August) then you are in luck because August 24 is National Waffle Day and National Peach Pie Day and if you get into an argument with someone you love try to hug it out at the end of the day like a good Full House episode because August 25 is National Kiss and Make Up Day. Not to mention that August 31 is National Matchmaker Day. Oh, how things are beginning to become clearer. It’s all a set-up to make sure that I am not forever alone. How clever, internet. Or whoever came up with these holidays that we only honor in gifs.

full gifset and source


gif source here


gif source


gif source

I hope I made you smile and you think of following the blog for more! 🙂 I could have put in way more Leslie + Waffles gifs but I must stop. Ok, fine here you go.

gif source



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