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What you should do to feel powerfully real

Hey you! 

Yes, you the one sitting reading blog posts when you should be doing other things. But, I hope you wrote a blog post of your own anyhow.

Why should you keep reading this post? Because it will be magical and will make you feel powerful.


Maybe. Just maybe you want to go outside right now. And maybe you don’t know what to do right now but feeling lazy is an easier option than anything else. Am I getting closer to anything? Nope? Alright, do this for me:


Better yet, go outside. Let yourself feel the air on your face. Feel the breeze, feel the rain and twirl around outside. Just because, there doesn’t have to be a reason. Take a walk, forget the phone for a minute and walk somewhere short, and take in life. Breathe deeply and look around you. Is there a dog somewhere near? Is there a cat? A squirrel? Alright, you’re getting hot now because it’s mid August so walk the less than five feet back to your house now.

Are you working this weekend? Are you not? You know that thing people and some scientists say about waking up without an alarm? Try it. See if your internal clock makes you wake up before then anyway. It might not and you might hate yourself, but try it nonetheless.


Now, that you woke up think about what you want to do today vs. what you really need to do or think you need to do. Then be realistic. It’s not often that most of us are that realistic with our daily goals. We just nab at the things we can and falter when we trip, then owe those mistakes to “life” when really we might not have planned out as well as we hoped. It’s fine, you can’t do it all in a day. It is not always “all in a day’s work” but sometimes “all in a week’s work.”


But, don’t most of us already know that life is hard. It would seem so. So, what do you really enjoy? What are your passions? No, stop. Don’t tell me you don’t have any. Don’t make me ask you for your “hobbies.” Everyone has things they enjoy or love to do take part in and people they sometimes love.


So, do you love yourself yet?


I’m calling out to the choir here, but they’ve all gone home it seems.

If you don’t love yourself, know that you’re never alone in the feeling of being lost.

If you want to live your life in a meaningful way, then you could start by simply not doing this today:


And instead doing this (especially when someone tells you you’re not good enough):


Thanks for making it through this amazing world. The world is better for having you in it!


(Also thanks for reading this post, I hope you feel inspired to get outside and let yourself live according to your limits).

All gifs are by Olivia Huynh, including the cover image.  Check her out on tumblr, her website, and giphy (where I got these gifs from).


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