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My wish for the lost

Just a short post to write about the lost souls.

To write about how much you should not give up on what matter to you, because someone else doesn’t believe that it is worthwhile. Because it reflects badly on your family. Your reputation and your culture.

You can’t let yourself lose who you want to be and fight back those invisible spies.

The spies in your room. In your life and in your heart.

To the people that have let you down and the people that have held you so tight you could not breathe. To those that you want to leave behind and not look back and those you don’t know how to help anymore as well as the person you know will always have faith in you.

gif source


My wish for all of you is that you go out. That you explore the world and let yourself feel lost. But come right back to where you started. Don’t forget your roots. Don’t forget your culture. And don’t forget that you’re only human.

My wish for everyone around you is that they see you want more. That they see you want something beyond what they can offer you. That you’re tired. You’re sleepy. You’re anxious and you’re just sad. Of knowing that you an leave but you are not able to.

Let yourself go.

My wish for you is the same as the wish for me.


(cover image by Sean Winters, via Flickr Creative Commons.)


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