People talk about their dreams all the time. Things they want to do, aspirations they might have, or goals they think they want to do but are sure they won’t because it’s just a dream after all. But what about those actual dreams?

Like, you know the ones that occur when you’re asleep. The one’s that might keep you up at night. The one’s that jolt you up in a hot sweat. Those dreams. I’m no dream scientist, but I feel that the dreams you have tell a story about your current state. Dreams of falling (I have this every now and then, and feel like I’ve fallen off the bed, when in truth I’m nowhere near the edge of falling off) indicate different things but probably show that you’re alive and have real thoughts. I remember some dreams, other not so much. But, the majority of my dreams that I let myself drift into are love related.

Because what is love? I don’t know. It sounds unreal and I have no idea if its a real thing. I write this while knowing that it very much is as I think back to watching a friend marry her best friend this past weekend. But love, sex, and travel are things I wonder about. Things I dream about and don’t know if it means something. Usually doesn’t, sometimes it means I’m lonely. Other times, it means it was just a dream.

I’m hoping to wake up and realize that these dreams will no longer be dreams. Am I still talking about the sleeping dreams or the ambition dreams? A little of both. The line is hazy at this point, but I hope that I can understand what it means to have my own dream.

Dream on.


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